Sunday, June 11, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Steve Shives, Feminism, ANTIFA, and left wing fascist threats of violence.

They try to use threats, threats of all kinds to shut me up, the far left and the far right.
I say fuck you to Islam and they threaten me with violence, the Islamists do, they do not want the truth of their death cult exposed.
That their prophet Mohammad, was a fake prophet, as all prophets are, but also he was a pedophile, slave owner and an illiterate savage suffering from psychosis.
The feminists try to shut me up, as do the Fascists of ANTIFA, the fascist "antifascists", likewise with the anarchists, Black Lives Matter and the terrorist street rioters of the black block technique of violence.
They all try to label me as a fascist because I voted for Donald Trump, or some other made up excuse to label me a racist, a Nazi or a fascist.
The real fascists, and terrorists by the way, are on the far left in the uniform of the cowards, black masks and black clothes to hide themselves as they commit assault, arson, beatings, threats, stabbings, and murder against those who oppose them.
They, these left wing fascists, make up words like Islamaphobia which is a word that does not exist and has no coherent meaning, they redefine the word "Nazi" or "fascist" or "racist" or "white Supremacist" or "misogynist" to mean anyone who opposes THEIR brand of fascism, racism, THEIR Apologetics in defense of Islam while ignoring the rape and sexual enslavement of children and the genital mutilation of young girls in the Islamic world.
The far left fascists threaten me with violence because I call out the truth of their execution and murder of police officers egged on by Black Lives Matter.
Feminists like You tube cunt Steve Shives hides behind the labels of progressive, or liberal or feminist and at the exact same time advocating violence against "misogynists", "Nazis", "Fascists" or "racists", words that in his small I.Q. mind means anyone bold enough to point out his support of violence and terrorism.
The words "fascist", "Nazi", "white supremacist" or "racist" or "misogynists" have real meanings and are real words that DO describe people who hold views of racism, white supremacy, that hate women, that are right wing fascists who use violence or threats of it to support a right wing authoritarian future and real members of the political Parties that self identify as members of "new" or "Neo Nazi"  who ascribe to the ideals of National Socialism based on the ideas of Adolf Hitler.
People Like Steve Shives have not only rendered these real words as meaningless, they actually themselves have become Nazis, fascists, and racists of identity politics. They are fascist  in violent forms of feminism. That they, the left, want to use violence to shut me up, or people like me, who point out the violence, riots, assaults and beatings and stabbings and arson of anarchist, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and black block rioters, all who are on the left, show who the real fascists are.  The "progressives", the "feminists", the apologists for Islam and its death cult ideology that seeks a world wide authoritarian, theocratic, Muslim dictatorship in which Muslims would have free reign to murder gays, Jews, atheists, other Muslims who are apparently not Muslim enough, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, any Kaffir are the real Nazis and fascists.
All supported blindly by people like Clementine Ford, Steve Shives, and Anita Sarkeesian.

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