Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Broken Mind and Statistics.

The mind, or more precisely the brain of a human being can be come "broken", "dysfunctional" or "not right".
This can manifest in many ways and down many roads, there are numbers to be looked at when the brain "breaks".
The person whose brain carries the label "schizophrenic" and the associated evidence of brain abnormalities that seem to show up, but not always, in these persons are, as adults 80% smokers and users of tobacco.
The "Non-Schizophrenic" adult is a person that has about a 20% chance of being a smoker, there is obviously something going on there, yes nicotine would be addictive to any user, schizophrenic or not, but there is something else going on there and no one really knows what that is.
There was a controversial study that claimed to show nicotine and cigarettes are a way of "self-medicating" for the Schizophrenic, but not just in the usual abuse of a drug to "self medicate" but to self medicate in that nicotine as a drug reduces psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia and reduces the symptoms of anti-psychotic meds.
This has not been verified to be true or false, the experts question the fact there was only one study that could not be replicated and was flawed to begin with.
Schizophrenics who are single,white males with high I.Q.s under the age of thirty who remember being successful in life before schizophrenia are five times more likely to commit suicides that are actually completed.
The use of booze and illicit drugs occurs 37% to 47% more often in Schizophrenic adults than non-schizophrenics.
People who end their own lives because of depression and their "broken brain" is 3%-7%, varying by some degree based on ethnicity, people of color are somewhat more likely to commit suicide than "whites".
The feed back loop of mounting anxiety that builds with intensity in the brains of anxious people are more likely to result in overeating, obesity and diabetes than the average non-anxious adult.
The Cancer rates for all mentally ill people, the whole spectrum of broken brained people, are no higher than anyone else but they are still 30% more likely to die from cancer even though the presence of cancer is no higher in mentally ill people.
I could go on, but you get the point, broken brains lead to broken lives that lead to pain and death.

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