Friday, April 28, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Red Lights

The car is outside, They are stalking me, or I think they are, I am standing in front of my house smoking a cigarette.
They are waiting to see if I am going to walk down the street, they may try to kill me in a drive by shooting or other violence.
I had no intention to go anywhere tonight, I was just outside in the dark to smoke, but they wanted me to walk somewhere, the store, the pharmacy, a bar, wherever, they just wanted me to walk down the street so they can kill me.
They were just parked there with there big scary rear car red lights shining full blast than they drove past me, pulled into a driveway , turned around and drove past me with the scary red lights.
I saw them driving away past me, than I saw them turning around, I tried to take out my cell phone to take pictures or video of them in their car, but they drove away to fast, I did not see clearly who the people in the car were other than the fact they were white.  Also it was to dark to take clear pictures or record clear digital video from my smart phone.
I do not know what is real or not tonight, I am afraid, but violence or suicide coming from me to myself or others is absolutely out of the question, not options, not on the table.

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