Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, SHILL

Shills? What does that mean? Shills. If you listen to NeoNazis and white or even black nationalists a SHILL is an agent of the Jews of the world pretending to be opposed to Zionism and Jews in general. In their, the Jews, efforts to run large parts of society or even the world, these SHILLS are secret supporters of such Jews and Zionism. Shills are those who are trying to spread disinformation about Jews and Zionism pretending to oppose The Jews and Zionism while actually supporting them.
So, a SHILL IS A CON ARTIST, a spreader of false ideas and propaganda with specific goals in mind to be achieved
Well fuck, by that definition, every group has SHILLS, also apologists, a similar concept to a SHILL.
I was raised Roman Catholic with nine older brothers and sisters.  Roman Catholic shills include protestant extremists who try to paint Roman Catholicism as Satanic and unchristian but are, in secret, working to garner sympathy for Catholics.
The massive Islamic world of 1.6 billion Muslims have shills in the west, such as regressive leftists, cultural Marxists, third wave feminists, communists, social justice warriors and the violent left wing anarchist fascists of Antifa. Publicly these groups are saying they oppose racism, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, the "patriarchy' in the west and fascism.
Yet these left wing groups of anarchist fascists are supporting the growing threat of Islamic fascism, murder, terrorism, war and bombings and torture by labeling all opponents of Islam as racist, Islam is not a race, or Islamaphobic, a made up word that appears in no dictionary.
Whites have shills, self hating whites who wallow in white guilt with the intention of creating racial conflict between whites and blacks.
Black Lives Matter is a shrill terrorist organization saying they are opposed to police brutality and murder of blacks by cops when in fact BLM is a shill group fomenting racial war for white supremacists like George Sorros who has funded BLM to the tune of over thirty million dollars. George Sorros has no vested interest in seeing any black lives being saved under any conditions, he could care less, he just cares about his own weird personal agenda, as bizarre and as confusing that may appear to be.
A very famous Catholic shill, that is con artist, was Mother Theresa of Calcutta, a supposedly charitable and saintly women devoted to the Church and social justice. Actually her only agenda was to push the Catholic line of no birth control or abortion in the third world.  The real agenda of this "mother" of Calcutta was to commit genocide to kill third world over populations with full knowledge and support of the Vatican.  The goal? Kill as many none whites as possible  in the third world dressed up nice and pretty as charity.

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