Thursday, February 16, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Sea of Pain

I was at emergency last night, the hospital, it is a place of pain and confusion.
I look around the room and there are fifty to sixty people waiting to be seen.
It is extremely noisy and confusing, seeing all of these people in pain, a sea of pain.
Of course I was there for myself, my nausea and vomiting, yet I am not heartless.
It is distressing to see so many people sick or in pain, they languish in their chairs, waiting.
The doctors and nurses deserve credit for working in a hell hole like an emergency room.
They take a lot of shit from a lot of angry people, the nurses and doctors deserve better treatment and respect.
There was one angry black woman and her very large boyfriend who had already gone through triage.
They refused to move out of the triage area after already being seen and evaluated.
The nurses kept telling them they had already been through triage and had to move, they refused to do so, holding up the triage patient line for one half hour, there were many people in line behind them.
The nurses had no choice, they called security, who showed up in very large numbers.
There were at least seven security officers who had responded, they had to confront this woman in a wheel chair who was cursing every other word, she said she was not moving, refusing to wait like the rest of us in that sea of pain.
Security told the woman's very large boyfriend they had to leave the hospital property, either voluntarily or by force.  They chose to leave, the woman in the wheel chair left in anger and in pain and not being treated, that is the price of arrogance, thinking you deserve special treatment and ironically getting nothing, leaving empty handed.
There were many angry people there, the woman in the wheel chair was just more obvious about it.
Many people simply left out of anger because the wait in the room was anywhere from two to seven hours.
So they left untreated, taking a gamble with their own lives by not finding out what is making them sick or in pain.
I hate the sea of pain. I hate to see others suffer. There actually is a sea of pain for all of us all the time.
The Emergency Department of a hospital is just a concentrated microcosm of the sea of pain that is everywhere.

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