Saturday, February 25, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Body, Mind and Soul

What is the mind? It seems to be directed and controlled by our actual physical brains.
If a person is in a coma from brain injury they can not be aware of themselves or their surroundings.
The mind seems to go in the direction the brain tells it to, being in a coma seems to mean both the incapacitation of the brain and mind.
This makes people very upset, if the brain is the mind, then the mind is finite, it is physical, it is capable of dying, it is capable of non existence.
This bothers people who are religious, who are spiritual and those that believe in any God or gods or supernatural eternal life after death.
If the mind is the brain, and I think it is, then there is no continuation of the mind outside of the physical body after death, therefore their is no ongoing consciousness, no soul or spirit after death, no continuing incorporeal self after death.
This terrifies religious people and theists, it is clearly true there is no mind, soul or spirit after death.
And this fact completely makes the concept of any God or gods existing and loving us personally totally irrational.
But, believing in God or the gods is always irrational, there is no evidence for such nonsense, no physical proof of God, gods, spirits, souls, or eternal life.
These things are fantasies that adults use to try to comfort a child when a relative or friend dies, which is understandable, maybe for young children the concept of God, even if is not real, is needed when death occurs and has to be explained to a five year old.
But you and I are not five year old children, we are men and women, we do not believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny anymore, those fantasies have outlived there usefulness in adult hood, they are not needed.
When an adult clings to an absurd fantasy like believing in God or the gods, it is simply a childish way for an adult afraid oblivion and nonexistence after death, they are afraid of reality, so they construct fantasy to hide reality.
They are wasting their lives hoping for a next life with God or gods that do not exist.
Rather than living fully and joyfully in this life, they become paralyzed by fear of getting to a non existent after life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow Vermin

When there is disorganization of the mind in the state of psychosis, ones outer world becomes more dangerous.
With disorganization of this sort the result is to not keep ones residence clean and hygienic .
It also results with the end of personal hygiene, not bathing, shaving, brushing ones teeth, using deodorant.
A person in this kind of state of chaos will let filth of all kinds grow in their residence, letting it  accumulate.
And then they show up, ever so slowly, gradually. The mice, the rats, the roaches, the ants, and all manner of parasitic infection like scabies, the mite of which burrows into your skin and then lays eggs.
The mice, the rats, the roaches they all bring disease, infection and parasites.
I have had the experience of scabies, it is a hellish torture of constant itching and rashes all over the body.
To get rid of the scabies one must literally put poisonous pesticide all over your body except the scalp and bottom of the feet.
I also ended up in a situation of filth where my rented room became infested, by the thousands, with bed bugs.
They were biting me so often and leaving so many sores I thought it was scabies again.
But, no it was bed bugs, an infestation so bad that nothing in my room could be cleaned or completely rid of bed bugs.
I had to throw out everything, the bed, the chairs, the cushions
I see my acquaintances walk around with insect bites all their skin, completely oblivious to it, or they just got ignore the sores and pain and see it as normal for them.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, I Atheist

I am an atheist.  This seems to trouble some people.  I tell Christians or Muslims or Jews that I am an atheist.
The different reactions are very interesting. If I tell some Christian person that I am an atheist they may say they do not believe I an atheist, they will accuse me of hating or rejecting God , that I know God is real and I am just angry at God.  Some Christians will respond to my saying I am an atheist that they feel sorry for me because I am separated from God and that they will pray for me.  I respond do as you like, I have no control over you to stop you from doing anything, including praying. But be aware that your prayers are directed to something or someone that does not exist, your imaginary friend in the sky does not exist.  If I tell a Jew that I am an atheist the reactions seem to be more varied and more positive.  There are many secular Jews that may say that my being an atheist is perfectly rational.  Orthodox Jews, if I tell them that I am an atheist they usually do not respond by trying to prosthelytize me to Judaism, they just politely say I am wrong to be an atheist, they will insist politely their God does exist, with out anger or hostility.  Conservative and reformed Jews tended not to give a shit that I am an atheist when I tell them that I am an atheist.  If I tell a Muslim that I am an atheist and I believe God, or Allah, does not exist, they may react angrily because they believe with out a shadow of a doubt that Allah is real and I am on my way to hell, Jahannam.  Or they, Muslims, may react more calmly or politely when I tell them I am an atheist but still go into a sermon about Allah and how I am rejecting him and his Prophet Mohammad.  Many Muslims are deeply entrenched into their faith, even to the point of fanaticism. They will start screaming that I am Kuffar, an unbeliever, an enemy of Islam, hurling insults and threats at me.  Other people I have told I am an atheist includes Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and Roman Catholics.  Catholics I tell that I an atheist often react with indifference, the "fact" that I am separated from the one true Christian Church, Roman Catholicism, means I am going to hell, but that is not their problem, it is my problem they say.  When I tell Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons I am an atheist they will go straight into a vehement but polite sermon on why their churches are the one true Christian Church. They immediately start trying to convert me, but in a very odd politely way.  Of course my telling some people of any religion that I am atheist results in me being accused of being a Satanist, a Satan worshiper, A Luciferian. That is ironic because by definition an atheist does not believe Satan is a real actual being, No God, than no Satan.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Sea of Pain

I was at emergency last night, the hospital, it is a place of pain and confusion.
I look around the room and there are fifty to sixty people waiting to be seen.
It is extremely noisy and confusing, seeing all of these people in pain, a sea of pain.
Of course I was there for myself, my nausea and vomiting, yet I am not heartless.
It is distressing to see so many people sick or in pain, they languish in their chairs, waiting.
The doctors and nurses deserve credit for working in a hell hole like an emergency room.
They take a lot of shit from a lot of angry people, the nurses and doctors deserve better treatment and respect.
There was one angry black woman and her very large boyfriend who had already gone through triage.
They refused to move out of the triage area after already being seen and evaluated.
The nurses kept telling them they had already been through triage and had to move, they refused to do so, holding up the triage patient line for one half hour, there were many people in line behind them.
The nurses had no choice, they called security, who showed up in very large numbers.
There were at least seven security officers who had responded, they had to confront this woman in a wheel chair who was cursing every other word, she said she was not moving, refusing to wait like the rest of us in that sea of pain.
Security told the woman's very large boyfriend they had to leave the hospital property, either voluntarily or by force.  They chose to leave, the woman in the wheel chair left in anger and in pain and not being treated, that is the price of arrogance, thinking you deserve special treatment and ironically getting nothing, leaving empty handed.
There were many angry people there, the woman in the wheel chair was just more obvious about it.
Many people simply left out of anger because the wait in the room was anywhere from two to seven hours.
So they left untreated, taking a gamble with their own lives by not finding out what is making them sick or in pain.
I hate the sea of pain. I hate to see others suffer. There actually is a sea of pain for all of us all the time.
The Emergency Department of a hospital is just a concentrated microcosm of the sea of pain that is everywhere.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, SHILL

Shills? What does that mean? Shills. If you listen to NeoNazis and white or even black nationalists a SHILL is an agent of the Jews of the world pretending to be opposed to Zionism and Jews in general. In their, the Jews, efforts to run large parts of society or even the world, these SHILLS are secret supporters of such Jews and Zionism. Shills are those who are trying to spread disinformation about Jews and Zionism pretending to oppose The Jews and Zionism while actually supporting them.
So, a SHILL IS A CON ARTIST, a spreader of false ideas and propaganda with specific goals in mind to be achieved
Well fuck, by that definition, every group has SHILLS, also apologists, a similar concept to a SHILL.
I was raised Roman Catholic with nine older brothers and sisters.  Roman Catholic shills include protestant extremists who try to paint Roman Catholicism as Satanic and unchristian but are, in secret, working to garner sympathy for Catholics.
The massive Islamic world of 1.6 billion Muslims have shills in the west, such as regressive leftists, cultural Marxists, third wave feminists, communists, social justice warriors and the violent left wing anarchist fascists of Antifa. Publicly these groups are saying they oppose racism, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, the "patriarchy' in the west and fascism.
Yet these left wing groups of anarchist fascists are supporting the growing threat of Islamic fascism, murder, terrorism, war and bombings and torture by labeling all opponents of Islam as racist, Islam is not a race, or Islamaphobic, a made up word that appears in no dictionary.
Whites have shills, self hating whites who wallow in white guilt with the intention of creating racial conflict between whites and blacks.
Black Lives Matter is a shrill terrorist organization saying they are opposed to police brutality and murder of blacks by cops when in fact BLM is a shill group fomenting racial war for white supremacists like George Sorros who has funded BLM to the tune of over thirty million dollars. George Sorros has no vested interest in seeing any black lives being saved under any conditions, he could care less, he just cares about his own weird personal agenda, as bizarre and as confusing that may appear to be.
A very famous Catholic shill, that is con artist, was Mother Theresa of Calcutta, a supposedly charitable and saintly women devoted to the Church and social justice. Actually her only agenda was to push the Catholic line of no birth control or abortion in the third world.  The real agenda of this "mother" of Calcutta was to commit genocide to kill third world over populations with full knowledge and support of the Vatican.  The goal? Kill as many none whites as possible  in the third world dressed up nice and pretty as charity.