Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Unsafe

I live in a world of the constant threat of violence, I share a house with three other roommates.
On January 22 and 23, 2017 I was attacked on two different occasions by my roommate with a broom handle, this left visible bruises on my arms and body.
So I called the police and they refused to arrest the person who assaulted me, putting me in constant danger because I still live with the mentally unstable person who attacked  me.
I feel confused, I do not know what to do, I am angry, justice has not been delivered to me by the police.
I never really trusted the police in my city, they seem to arrest people at random regardless of crimes committed or not.
These are powerful people, the police, they have guns and the legal power to use them, it is frightening to complain to the police department, I am afraid of reprisal from the men and women who have guns.
When the police came on both occasions the police not only refused to make an arrest but told me to, in their words:" Be a fucking man.", whatever the hell that is suppose to mean. Am I being a man by living in fear of violence  at all hours of day and night with zero help from the police?
I am struggling with my paranoia and psychosis, but it is not easy when I live with a mentally unstable person.
The police are of no use to me, they are worse than no police existing at all, they are dangerous and fucking incompetent.
The snow is falling outside and I am cold and afraid, shivering in both the cold and fear for my safety.
The ironic thing is that local jails and state prisons are the new asylums, dumping grounds for the mentally ill.
The police have militarized them selves, they have tanks, automatic weapons, they wear masks to conceal their faces, evidence enough that fascism is creeping into The United States of America ever so slowly.
So, there you have it, incompetent and brutal police oppression or a fucking police state.

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