Monday, January 23, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Mental Illness And Violence.

To have a mental illness often leads you vulnerable to violence and physical attack.
The mentally ill are more likely to be the victims of violence rather than the cause of it.
Today, I was trying to perform the simple and benign task of fixing the downstairs toilet, the flush chain was broken.
It was early in the morning and my bedroom is on the first floor next to the downstairs bathroom, I turned on the lights in the kitchen and bathroom after I noticed the toilet was not working.
I needed the lights on to see what I was doing in order to fix the toilet.
One of my roommates was sleeping down stairs on the couch which he is not suppose to do.
The next thing I notice was my roommate barreling out of the living room screaming and yelling at me that the lights and noise woke him up.
He was screaming and yelling at me and as he cornered me in the enclosed space of the small downstairs bathroom, he kept threatening me and moved closer to me in the bathroom continuing  to threatening me, so I pushed back on him.
He fell backwards and  over one of the kitchen chairs, then he got up, grabbed the broom that was in the kitchen and started hitting me with it and I could not get him to stop, I had to go to my bedroom to get out of his way.
From my bedroom I called the police and told them what happened and then my roommate came downstairs to tell the police his version of the story, which was  lies.
I called the landlord and he came over around  11:00 AM, he told my roommates he was wrong for sleeping in the living room.
I was not and I am not satisfied with this outcome so I called the police again to ask why I was not allowed to press charges when the police were here earlier.
The officer that came over that morning was off duty after 7 AM and he said he would call me when he was back on shift around midnight.
We will see what happens, I will stand up for my rights, I will not live in fear in my own home, especially just because I am mentally ill.

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