Saturday, January 21, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Insidious

There is an evil that dwells here, right next door to me, a being filled with malicious intent to harm me.
He hides behind a mask of mental confusion and physical disability to hide his evil, vindictive ways.
He makes violent attempts to harm me and denies doing so, he says he had nothing to do with it, he is an innocent, disabled old man.
Just last night this worthless piece of shit shoved banana peels and a bed pan full of shit down the toilet on purpose.
The landlord had to come over to disconnect the toilet from the floor in a watery mess to retrieve the garbage shoved into the toilet.
Of course my lying fucking piece of shit of a roommate said he had nothing to do with the toilet being jammed, he did it out of vindictiveness.
He is a bitter dying old man, his life is closing in on death and he is losing his sanity to paranoia as death approaches.
I once had sympathy for him this evil, lying entity but sympathy and empathy only go so far with this man child, this worthless piece of human feces.
I am seeking to move to my own place, my own private apartment that is quiet and solitary and away from madness.
I must look out for my own health, I must look out for my own mental health, there is no longer any empathy or pity from me for this animal who luckily for the world has diabetes and his is dying, that would be no loss to the world, to see this decrepit loser die.
I am tired and lethargic, I am sick to my stomach, my guts are turning inside of me from disgust at this piece of work.
I need to escape this insane asylum of shit lords and liars who are adults acting like evil little children.
It is to noisy here, to many people in and out of here, there is no peace or quiet, just psychotic evil behavior.
I am trying to win this battle against this persistent evil, but I am tired, I aim drained.

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