Thursday, January 19, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Every Man/Woman Rapes The Earth

This world is shrinking and its inhabitants are growing in number, the world is under growing burden.
For 150 years this problem has been unfolding, medicine, technology and machines have us living longer and longer lives.
People of every shade and color are growing in number, the weight of seven billion lives is crushing the Earth to death.
We are tearing up the Amazon rain forests for farming and killing unknown species into extinction.
I do not consider myself to be an environmentalist, but I do not have to be to notice the destruction of Earth.
I see the selfish acts of grinding away at the surface of our world and digging into it just so the lights stay on.
You can give electricity, just do not tell me where it is coming from, I do not need the immoral details.
You can give me beef steaks, ground beef, pork chops and bacon, you can give me chicken and turkey.
I will eat it with enthusiasm, just do not give me the details, the meat will curb my hunger and I need not know of the ethics of its source.
I will run up and down the streets screaming about the dangers and immorality of nuclear power and coal, but I do not protest these two things when they power my computer, I do not need to know the details, nor do I need the details of my own hypocrisy revealed to me.
I sit in my bedroom with its king size bed and oversized dresser and desk and mirrors, and I feel heat coming from the basement when it is 10 degrees outside.
I want this heat, it is deadly cold outside, just do not give me the details of what you do to get the heat and then sell it to me.
The Chinese government and the foreign businesses that work there have the benefit of slave labor making my shoes and shirts, but I do not worry about, I have my shoes and shirts.
Beijing has crushing, blinding pollution thick and visible in the air from burning coal, burning it unregulated.
Like me the Chinese are making demands for jobs, cars, electricity, food, computers and the internet and many Chinese want and get these things, but most do not want know how they are gotten.
There is brutality in China to animals, unspeakable evil is done to these animals.
Dogs are dragged into Chinese leather producers and they are bludgeoned to death with a club, often they do not die so are skinned alive.
The skin is used to make your leather gloves, coat and purse.
I doubt you want the details, after all, it is happening in China, let the government there stop it, they are in charge there not me.
The Earth is shrinking and being raped because we all want something that is produced by that rape.

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