Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Drifting

I have been drifting, as a child  I was Roman Catholic, and believe me when you are eight years old and watch the Exorcist, it scares the shit out of you.
As I headed toward my middle teens I began to see holes in Roman Catholic doctrine, there were inconsistencies.
I still very much wanted to believe in some kind of God, but I did not know his or her name, these specifics eluded me.
After my Catholic confirmation ceremony I was involved in a ritual that was meaningless to me, I was no longer Catholic.
My father who had been strict about me attending church and The Mass every Sunday never went to church or The Mass
I was sixteen, my confirmation was done, I had fulfilled my obligations to church and father.
My father no longer insisted I go to church and the Mass, Catholicism was over and dead to me,
I drifted into Satanism as a rebellion against everyone and everything, I was not serious about it, I was just trying to shock and piss people off.
Then I drifted into Pentecostalism, this was a weird choice on my part, but they gave out free food and so I pretended to be one of them. I was not.
Pentecostalism is a nightmare of existence, people were shouting, dancing, and speaking in fake tongues and blamed everything on Satan, eventually even free food could no long glue me to these mentally ill people.
I was in Brockport when I started attending a fairly tame version of being a Baptist, I only went there for something to do with George my neighbor down he hall.
I increasingly became more aware that every religion I joined or participated in, the religions I kept drifting in and out of were meaningless fairy tales of Bronze age goat fuckers like Paul. Jesus, Peter, Moses and Muhhamad.
Then I was presented to You Tube, I drifted toward videos of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, I was bowled over by their logic and reason, they taught me to shed religious superstition of imaginary friends  in the sky.
I am an atheist, I see no evidence for gods or anything supernatural. I have stopped drifting.

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