Sunday, November 27, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Denise

I was at Old Westbury in 1990, I was there to study Spanish education,  I wanted to be a teacher.
This was my third year of college, I attended two years at Fulton Montgomery College in Johnstown, New York, then I moved to the Old Westbury campus in 1990, to begin finishing my Bachelors degree.
I remember  Johnstown with affection, it was a small college tucked into the hills and rural area of the foothills just before the Adarondac mountains.
Fulton Montgomery was a quiet place of green hills and fields of grass and flowers.
I remember jogging around the campus, I nearly destroyed my knees, I gave up running.
I did however have mental problems, I was nervous and scared most of the time of my being there at Fulton Montgomery.
I loved the nature around me that was gorgeous, it helped ease my fears, but not completely.
I would often get depressed and suicidal, it was a strange world to live in, to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and still be miserable while in the middle  of nature.
And so I finished my stint at Fulton Montgomery and chose to move to Long Island to the Old Westbury campus to begin my third year of study, .
This was a unique and beautiful campus, 600 acres of woods and nature surrounding the campus, I remember the early mornings as I went to morning classes the birds in the trees and the smell of nature.
Yet I was alone, alone in the romantic sense, I yearned to fall in love, to be with my soul mate, the love of my life who I believed was out there somewhere waiting for me.
I tried to get the attention and interest from some of the girls who were students there, I had no luck, I was still alone.
Out of desperation I placed an ad in the Village Voice, a New York City paper not to far from Long Island.
The first responses I got were dead ends, I had contacted no one of interest, I began to despair of my loneliness.
However, I got a letter from Harlem in the city, it was a hand written letter describing herself and what she was looking for.
We exchanged several letters, her name was Arlene Denise Crockwell.
We talked on the phone a lot and in one of those conversations I got angry and hung up on her, I thought that was another dead end.
I had forgotten though that Arlene already had my address, I put it as the return address on my letters to her, and keep in mind we had never met in person yet.
Out of anger and rage Arlene took the subway and the Long Island Rail Road to my campus, she even had the number of my exact room location.
I was watching television in a deep abyss of loneliness when there was loud banging on my dorm room door.
It was Arlene, called Denise by her family, she was a black girl from Harlem, a world and place that was so different then my own world.
My initial anger toward her abated and we talked and I gave her a tour of the campus.
I went to Harlem a couple of times to see her and meet her family, she was adopted.
For some reason her mother packed up all of Arlene's clothes and threw her out of their apartment into the streets.
I could not let her be homeless, so against campus policy I hid her in my dorm room.
I searched for a place for her to live, I called women shelters and homeless shelters in general, there were no takers.
As the weeks passed and I was gaining no head way in finding her somewhere to go, my room mates became more angry that Arlene was there.
There was only one solution, to leave college and return to my home town of Rochester, NY.
There me and Arlene found an apartment together.
I was in love, this was the person that was waiting to meet me by fate, she became the love of my life where no other woman in my future could replace.
We had been through much so much together and then we were blind sided, everything changed, in 1991. Arlene, Denise, was diagnosed as HIV positive. AIDS.
She had amazing strength and fortitude
They, the doctors, told us as Arlene started to show symptoms of AIDS that she would be dead within a year, 1992.
This did not happen, not in a year anyway, Arlene, Denise survived another ten years, ten of the best years of my life, she was the love of my life that no woman could match.
She died on April 13, Friday, on Easter weekend 2001.`

Monday, November 21, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Trump Card

They are screaming in the streets of the big cities, they are storm troopers of the fascist left.
A lawful and valid choice has been made, the nonviolent transfer of power is a mark of American Democracy.
The hallmark of the United States of America is that a lawful election be held and the outcome be accepted.
But there are animals in the streets of America, petty and violent youth who are pampered and spoiled.
They beat people who may have supported The Trump Card, like the storm troopers of Hitler who gathered in public to beat opponents of Nazism and fascism.
The far left in the west has lost its way, it has become a violent, fascist mob of feminists, social justice warriors and liberal regressives.
They yell and scream and accuse the Trump Card of being racist, misogynistic and a homophobe and islamaphobe.
The fascists are calling other people fascist while they beat opponents who dare speak freely and vote by their conscience.
These left wing fascists are burning our cities, our property, they are committing crimes in the name of a warped definition of social justice that must be defended with violence and by the oppression of the mob to destroy and injure opponents.
There are homes, cars and cities burning, our businesses are set ablaze by these fascist of the left who do not recognize in themselves the very thing they accuse of others being.
The Trump Card has been called Hitler and worse by his political, racist, and violent political opponents.
The young hoodlums and thugs of all races and backgrounds who are clashing with police are tools of paid and not so spontaneously created, organized violence.
Black Lives Matter, the third wave feminists, the communists, the lefties, the Cultural Marxists, they are paid for rioting in the streets, even though they themselves do not see they are pawns of elite billionares who for whatever reason fund and incite this violence on the streets of our cities and nation.
Soros comes to mind, he has funded the riots and its organized movements to the tune of three hundred million dollars.
He, and those like him, are paying for chaos and violence that is contrary to the very American ideal of the peaceful transfer of power without a coup, assassination, or riots and civil war.
For we are falling into civil war at the hands of fascists that do not see themselves as fascists.
This I fear is more organized and more sinister violence than that of the protests at American colleges in the nineteen sixties.
These new anti Trump Card rioters are dragging the USA into a civil war about to be fought on the Streets of the USA.
We who love The Republic and its democratic ways and norms will not stand for this violence.
We have opposed them in the ballot box and won without violence, their left wing movements are starting to die and they know it.
They lash out with violence to try to beat those who have won the day in voting.
The left has been caught in their acts of violence on videos that spread through the internet and You Tube.
They are filmed fighting with the police, and they are sometimes are arrested and prosecuted with the proof of modern internet videos.
I urge All Americans who support The Trump Card to not respond with violence, we have no need for that because we have already won.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Asshole

There he is, that fucking enemy of mine, an old and horrible human being.
He avoids responsibilities that he is obligated to fulfill and he is an old and useless mouth breather.
I yell and scream at him and he does not listen, and he does nothing to be an adult.
He is a lazy piece of shit, he is a blemish on the ass of humanity that thinks he is special.
He does not clean up his own piss and shit in the bathroom, he has others to do his bidding.
He enrages me to the point of almost becoming violent and sent into a rage, I am screaming as loud as I can and he does nothing.
He is an arrogant fuck who believes he has no commitments to other human beings and individuals.
He harms others by his inaction that reflects adult hood and decides instead to act like a fucking child.
He sits there and consumes from society and never returns anything to society, he produces nothing, he is a parasite, a useless eater.
I seek to make him do that which is right and considerate towards other people that he has fucked over.
He is an animal with a foul stench, he does not bathe, he reeks of filth and all that is contaminated by the obscene.
I write this while in a rage, I try my best to not kill him, and I will not kill him, I will only fantasize about it.
I wish I could strangle this useless animal to death, I am angry and disgusted by him, I want to vomit every time I see, hear or smell him,
I an filled with hatred and malice toward this insect, this tiny bug that shout be stepped on by someones boot.
I find it difficult to ignore him in his defiance of me when I ask him to act like an adult and not a petty child.
He accuses me of wrong doing and he tries to blame me for things I am not doing or did not do.
I am being drained both mentally and physically of energy and strength, I am exhausted by my rage over this piece of waste.
I do not know what to do, I am enraged by this asshole, I am alone.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Annoyance

He is so fucking annoying, always begging for cigarettes, money, food and coffee.
He does not have any fucking common sense, he borrows money and then pays it back and has no money left.
He expects me to give him shit that he should get on his own and I have to live with this beggar in the same house.
He knocked on my fucking door last night at 2 in the morning, I could not get back to sleep after that.
This childish little fucking prick deserved it when I yelled, screamed and swore at him.
I tried to reason with him calmly that he can not keep begging for things from me that he thinks I am required to give him.
I am not a fucking supermarket, I am not a fucking corner store that people come to buy groceries and cigarettes.
I am not required to supply this dumb fuck with anything, I am not rich nor can I afford to support his habits and desires.
He is like a fucking child that can not seem to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions like borrowing money and keeping a rational budget, he is a fucking 50 year old child, he is a jackass.
He will probably whine to the landlord that I was mean to him, that I yelled and swore at him.
The landlord already knows this fucking man child keeps begging me for shit, the landlord knows the truth of the situation.
I have little patience for immaturity and stupidity in a grown man, he is like a horde of flies that pester me and will not go away.
His stupidity is annoying beyond belief, he fucking accuses me of being crazy for swearing and yelling at him, threatening not to talk to me anymore, like I really fucking care about that.
I have enough problems of my own with my schizophrenia and my own money problems, I do not care what that stupid fuck accuses me of.
I am tired and lethargic, I got very little sleep last night and I am very irritated,I have no more patience for this stupidity and actually I have shown more patience then this fucking asshole actually deserves, I have gone out of my way to be patient with somebody who acts and thinks like a fucking child.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Tide

There is a growing tide in America, a tide that is dark and suspicious.
For many years in the United States politicians have been bought and paid for by the big banks.
Money is the motivation for would be politicians who are running for office, not the good of the people.
People are sick and tired of the lies and the deceptions brought on by elected officials in the USA.
There is a tide rising in the United States determined to push back against the corruption in government.
The corruption is coming from many directions, there have been trade deals that have destroyed American jobs and the middle class.
There are left wing third wave feminists and Multicultural Marxists and social justice warriors who have  ignored the abuse, torture and murder of women and gays in the Muslim world.
The feminists scream about rape culture and hatred of women and the patriarchy that oppresses women in the West.
These feminists enable the importation of Islamic fascism from the Muslim world into the West while ignoring human rights abuses by Muslims in Muslim countries as well as Muslims who have emigrated to the West.
The far left regressives have become psychotic over non existent Islamaphobia in the West, the word Islamaphobia has no meaning or substance, it is a word that does not exist in any dictionary.
Similarly the far left has called people racist for fighting against Islamic immigration, terrorism, rape of Western women, and the Islamic fascism that is rising in the West with the open promises by Muslim fanatics that their goal is to turn western democracies into Islamic fascist states.
There is a rising tide against this insanity and cultural suicide in the West and The United States.
People are pushing back against the left and their unwitting plans to destroy western democracies by importing fascism, rape, murder, theft and homophobia.
The tide has already begun in western Europe in Greta Britain in the form of brexit.
In two days the people of the United States who are sick and tired of corruption by money and the importation of fascism are voting.
This tide has brought about Donald Trump and his courageous stand against Islamic terrorism and his opposition to import it into the United States.
People are tired, angry and weary.
Donald Trump has a good chance of winning the USA Presidential elections. I hope he wins.
I am not afraid of Donald Trump, I am afraid of Islamic fascism and the left wing fascism rising in the west that is based on the racism of identity politics.
I will vote for Trump, I am sick of the world view of fuck white people, they are the cause of all evil.
No evil comes in the form of Islamic fascism and the violence of the western far left that wants to silence its opponents by intimidation, shaming publicly people that disagree with them, and are trying to silence freedom of speech, I say fuck this shit, I am voting for Trump.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, America

America is splintering apart with the help of traitors, with the help of terrorists in our midst.
These new terrorists are not of the Muslim kind, although they are real enough.
No, these are terrorists from the left, they seek to destroy freedom of speech and charge you with thought crimes.
They masquerade as civil rights groups and in fact promote racial hatred while accusing others of that hatred.
Black Lives Matter is a terrorist movement that pretends to want to save black lives from police brutality, when in fact BLM is a group that openly calls for assassination of police officers and are in fact responsible for recent murder of police officers that have been executed in public.
BLM is guilty of this by the atmosphere they have created steeped in identity politics and inflamed racial tension artificially created for chaos.
There are left wing extremists  who bully and threaten those who do not speak or think like themselves in their hidden, fascist, leftist terrorism including brain washing and indoctrination the minds of our youth.
The social justice warriors, feminists, and Cultural Marxists seek to control the way you and your children think.
They want you to think fucking over white people is okay and they teach white children they are worthless and evil.
The mantra from the left wing regressive racists is the same, over and over, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE.
Feminists are willing to use violence and terrorism to force people into believing the conspiracy of patriarchy.
Feminists like Clementine Ford from Australia have openly called for violence against men.
College campuses throughout the Western democracies are having freedom of speech crushed by threats, racism and violence and by bullying the faculty and students on campus that do not agree with their filthy left wing fascism.
I am afraid for The United States.  I am afraid for all of the West. The fascist ideology and fake religion of Islam is pouring into the west at the invitation of people like Merkel and Ford.
If we do not resist these terrorists, they will control the government, that has not happened yet, but we are headed down that road of fascism of the left.