Thursday, September 29, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow The Church

The Church, that is all Christians, say they act in the name of God and Christ,
They give food and shelter and clothes to the homeless and poor.
They say they do this in the name of God and Jesus, they care because they believe in God they say.
They believe they act in the name of God, implying that without a belief in God they would not act for the poor.
The Church also says they visit people in the prisons and jails to show God's love.
This implies that they would abandon the incarcerated if they stopped believing in God.
The Church says they are bound to moral behavior  by the mere existence of God, He Has them in chains.
This implies, as someone once said, that without God Or Jesus or religion, they would become violent criminals who are psychopaths without their God, they imply that God is the root of their moral behavior.
Those who say that morality and ethics only come from God, they must ask the question, which God?
The morality of Allah is not the same morality as Jesus or his supposed Father in heaven.
The morality of Hindus is not the same as Muslims or Christians.
The Buddhists have their own definition of virtue and non virtuous behavior, their version of good and evil.
All of these groups of faith claim all moral behavior comes from God and is universal for all human beings.
They conveniently forget there many Gods are in conflict over the definition of what are good or evil actions.
So there is war, war over who has the right moral behavior and  actions, they wish to force the issue of good and evil by force and war.
So who is the true God? The gods that create poverty and war? Is it Allah who puts people to death by stoning those who offend Allah?
Do the Hindus have the same ethics, morality and behavior as Jainism?
If anyone of these Gods exist, they are violent and jealous Gods who are not worthy of worship and praise, As someone once said, such Gods are worthy of hate, and mocking, and derision from humanity.
Morality does not come from gods, it comes from the  inborn nature of humans, it is a part of evolution that has given humanity morals and ethics.
So fuck your Jesus, Allah,Vishnu, God, yahwey, Jehova, and any other name for your imaginary friend in the sky.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Human.

We are only human goes the old excuse for failure and mundane mediocrity in our performance.
We seek out excuses for our savagery and our violence, we want to dodge responsibility for our evil.
A drunk driver kills five people in another car, or a group of pedestrians, and seeks solace in being only human.
When the Nazis killed millions the individual soldier or SS member would cry out the excuse they were just following orders, that they are just human.
Ironically the Nazis were not human, they were evil savages with no moral compass to control their evil.
The Revolutions of both the left and the right collected excuses to kill people, the Russian revolution was needed said the Reds to make society more fair, more just, more equal. And then the mass murders began
in areas controlled by the Soviets.
Hitler rose to power on the excuse that Germany was imploding and sinking into a financial abyss.
It was.
However, Hitler went way beyond fixing the German economy or rebuilding an army.
He dove head first into mass murder and the top Nazis were either arrested or committed  suicide at the end of the war.
Those Nazis that did face trial excused themselves on the idea they were only human.
Pol Pot, he murdered millions and raped Cambodia on the excuse that revolution was needed to make society more fair, and after Pol Pot was pushed from power by Vietnam his followers said they were just only human and following orders.
Parents beat and kill their own children, or someone else's children, and then blame their evil violence on stress and that they are only human, they could not help themselves.
People riot in the streets in the name of justice, then they burn down their own and cities.
If we allow these excuses to exonerate criminals, rapists, child abusers, mass murderers, and war criminals,
then society will spiral into violence and oblivion, the human race will evaporate from the surface of this Earth.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Abundance

We live in a world of abundance here in the West, We have the internet at our finger tips.
We have food, shelter, and healthcare, we have cable and and dish television, even our poor.
We zip around at high speeds cranked on coffee  going about our banal errands and work.
We can walk into a giant box store and see food all in abundance, we can buy anything there.
Our homes are climate controlled with air conditioning and heat from electricity and gas.
We have our constant companions with us at all times, the smart phones, we are mesmerized by them.
We shut real people out to talk on the phone, we seem to prefer talking to our fellow human being by smart phones rather than in person.
We have become a world in the West of greed and arrogance, we forget what we have.
We complain to others how horrible our lives are, we take on the poor me victim status.
We talk frantically on our cell phones while driving and put others at risk for banal phone conversation.
We throw people the middle finger and yell at them when they cut us off in traffic.
We go full throttle and speed through traffic to get home as soon as possible to microwave our food.
We forget how lucky we are to even have these things, cell phones, cars, food, homes, microwave ovens.
We complain and complain while ignoring the obvious gifts we have from living in the free West.
If I were an African, or other poor person, and I went to walk through a box store in the West, and I was only use to hunger and starvation in my homeland, I would cry with joy at the amount of food there.
Yet we ourselves walk through these same stores over and over again and do not weep with joy.
Our abundance is taken for granted and we do not realize how we are fortunate to swim in abundance.
We have Western governments  that give food and money to the poor, and even the poor are ungrateful.
When we in the West are blind to our blessings and perks, when we look into a supermarket and feel no awe at the abundance there, we have become ungrateful brats.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Curse

The Curse of the mind broken is a wicked thing to be had, it can drive you insane.
It is a curse passed from mother to son, or father to daughter, it is a torment of the soul.
I struggle through this biological curse, I am filled with fear and dread.
It comes with the territory of insanity to shake and tremble in fear and pain.
There is no known cure for this curse, there is no respite from it either, just pain.
This curse makes me see enemies everywhere in people I know as well as perfect strangers.
I take a risk when I go up to perfect strangers accusing them of following me and spying on me.
The curse of the mind that has been handed to me in biology of my mother is a fucking evil torment.
My sister had the curse and she blew her head off with a shot gun, she could not bare the curse.
As for myself I muddle through the curse with no suicidal or violent intent, I will not give in to such ideas.
I chain smoke because of this curse, to the point of nausea and vomiting, I have coughed up blood.The curse of paranoia and delusion drive me insane, everyone is an enemy, I trust no one.
I seek only peace from the torment and fear and horror and anxiety.
I am falling fast into a black pit of evil suffering, not hell as in God or Satan, they are not real and of no help.
So I write these words to soothe myself, to regulate, to control my thoughts and emotions.
I must also discipline my behavior and body, I must learn to be centered and in control, I must be enlightened.

Monday, September 5, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, My Sweet Clementine Ford, Feminist of Australia

Oh Clementine, you have been a nasty woman, you have no scruples to guide your behavior.
There is nothing in your world but your own voices and opinions you have no basis for.
You thrive on the hatred you have for men, your pride grows like weeds as you hate all opponents.
You edit out dissenting opinions out of your facebook, out of your twitter, you block and erase them all.
I want you to know Clementine, you are not a feminist, you are a left wing fascist out to destroy free speech.
People like you have successfully censored and destroyed freedom of speech on western college campuses.
Oh Clementine, you disgust me, you and your ilk, you live in a bubble of your own madness and psychosis.
Oh Clementine, your own voice echos in the empty space between  your ears, there is nothing logical there.
You thrive on hatred and at the same time you accuse your opponents of being hateful and racist.
Oh Clementine you are a disgusting malformation of feminism, feminism you have turned into fascism.
Oh Clementine, you hate men with so much gusto and do not see how fucking psychotic you are.
You are a vile spreader of left wing fascism and racism, things you accuse others of being.
Oh Clementine, do you not hear anyone but yourself, or are your ears sealed off to logic.
This clumsy oaf you are is becoming more apparent everyday, your psychosis of self is getting worse.
Oh Clementine, why do you do it? Why do you scream at and try to shut down your opponents?
You are a fucking disease Clementine Ford of Australia, you are rotting in your own feces and urine of your closed mind.
You try to shame and embarrass others who have the guts to not care what you have to say, Ford.
Oh Clementine, I see the rotting disease in your brain, your brain and mind are decaying.
So Clementine Ford of Australia, not the actress, but you the feminist, you are a hate filled liar and you know it to be true.
You are vile serpent who pretends to protect, blacks, the disabled, women, people of color, gays, and the LGBT community.
Your only aim is to use these people for your own power Ford, and your irrationality is becoming more obvious everyday.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Sick Bed

I sit in my own vomit unable to stop retching. the stomach is in convulsions and I am sick.
I am sick and tired of unseen enemies who are out  to hurt me.
When I am beaten up  and become a victim of violence or theft of that which is mine, I respond in pain and helplessness.
I get physically ill, and I vomit from anxiety and anger and fear and panic in a vicious circle of fear and vomit.
I am both scared and enraged about a great number of things, and I do not know how to solve my problems anymore.
Things are done against me and I vomit, sometime I feel better only after vomiting to release the nausea in my gut.
I have had my bike, my property, my brand new bike stolen from me.
I feel violated as mush as someone who gets stabbed or punched into their bodies.
This is not the first time that crime has touched me or violence the same way.
When these things happen, these crimes, I feel helpless and powerless and I would like to avenge my self
against those who have  taken from me that  which mine with bloody violence.
I have been stalked and have been followed, they who watch me and wait for the opportune moment to steal
from me my property I had earned.
I do not  understand these things that happen to me, these crimes of violence and larceny.
I use to run home every day as a child like a frighted animal running in fear from the violent gangs of my youth that tried  to make make me commit suicide or have a mental breakdown and that is what has happened to me.
I rotted a long time in the institutions of the mentally ill, those who were sicker than I am today or was then.
I am tired of the vomit and bile that erupts  out my of my mouth and eats away my teeth and causes tormenting of me and  my families and friends, this is the nature of their gang stalking, an organised campaign to harass and  try to kill me.They yell and scream in my head how I should seek revenge and violence against the thieves who harmed me.
I am still shaking in trauma and violence, I am a helpless victim, the police can not do anything,
They have done nothing but pit  me against my family. I still am vomiting.
My anxiety, worry, fear and loneliness are a constant now in my life, I am helpless and  no one cares.
My fake friends and family  have turned against me from rumors created by my enemies.
I am not even sure who the enemy is, I am terrorized by the unknown crimes from unseen adversaries. .
My mind is bleak, quiet and has surrendered to my to insanity and beyond, mission accomplished assholes;