Monday, May 30, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Fear and Freedom

Fear is a horrible thing, but so is a lack of freedom, I do not seek to stop religious freedom, but I will not submit to fear caused by religious people who would try to harm me or anyone else for criticizing or even mocking a religion, both freedoms are essential to a civilized, western, democratic society, but your right to freedom of religion does not supersede my right to criticize or even mock your religion and vice versa, you have a right to criticize and mock me in my atheism, but neither one of us has a right to threaten to kill or harm each other, or even to actually carry out such threats, however if such threats are sent my way, I will not stop speaking my mind or curb my freedom because you try to create fear in me so I do not challenge your beliefs. Are you so insecure about your own beliefs you must threaten to end my life? Are your own convictions in your own beliefs and world that weak?   Are you that afraid of yourself that you must deflect that fear that you must harm or kill me?  I speak of Islam in particular, I have mocked Islam, complained about it and criticized it, and while I have received no threats from anyone, I can not help but think someone is or may try to harm me, but this fear is not something that I will let silence me, I will continue to publicly criticize a mother lode of bad ideas, as one commentator has described Islam, and has criticized other religions as well.  I do not seek to stop or suppress religious freedoms by legal or any other means, certainly not violence, as you would do to me to cause me harm for my speech, but I must confess, I do wish to reduce your numbers by talking people in to not believing in your ridiculous religions through reason and debate.  I do seek to end all religion through debate and science and the facts of reality as compared to superstition of ancient fairy tales about God or gods that do not exist, so I confess I do seek through debate to reduce your numbers and influence based on the principles of both religious freedom and the freedoms to leave a religion or to not convert to one and to not have one of any kind, that is what freedom is all about.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, My Father.

My father heard the call after they attacked, the Japanese and their cowardice.  He was not a big man physically, maybe five foot nine and two hundred pounds, but physical size is not needed for the type of courage my father showed in war in the south of the Pacific Ocean.  My father saw much death, Japs as they were called then, would ram their planes in suicidal devotion to their emperor in Tokyo into the sides and decks of American Navy warships, the aircraft carriers, the frigates, the battleships, and my father was on one of those ships.  I am sure he was not devoid of fear, no rational human being would be when your enemy not only did not care if they died, they looked forward to it.  How do you defeat an enemy that did not care if they died in battle, not only that, death was for them, the goal.  My father is gone now, as so many of his generation are now, in this year 2016, and the world has a new enemy, not just the United States, but the world, and these new enemies are even more fanatical to die in their Islamic fascist cause than were the Japanese dying for their empire and emperor.   These enemies can not be reasoned with and this world does and will need people like my father once again, not just from America but any rational, sane, freedom loving society.  Fanatical Islam wants an empire, one that would rule the world under Sharia, this new fascism, oddly enough supported by the left in the West, is growing more violent and dangerous and in size and influence, both in the Middle East, and even in the West, and other areas of the world.  They are violent and insane, putting videos online of cutting off heads of innocent civilians, and this can not be explained away as mental illness or extremism of Islam, but explained as a product of Islam itself.  I, unlike my father, am an atheist, I have no love for any god or gods that do not exist, I am no friend of any religion, however it is Islam today that wages war against democracy, and men like my father will be needed, I wish this were not so, but with the current trends, more war will come, the types of battlefields and circumstances of war may change but there will be war, if the West is pushed into something they do not want but must confront.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Stormer.

The Stormer is approaching, the one of hatred and intolerance, the one who hates both people and freedom, both free speech and dissent, they seek power over us all, both on the left and to the right, this new fascism. They call themselves many different names, feminists and nationalists, patriots and progressives.  They seek to censor the normal as well as the uncomfortable opinions they do not like.  They are parasites of hate and intolerance of freedom of expression and freedom of the individual.  They storm the new frontiers of the computer and cyberspace with their viciousness disguised as compassion of loyalty or patriotism, the racists of the left and the right try to destroy  what they  can not control, they are animals, they are scum, they want you to agree with them or die.  They are agents of totalitarianism of both the left and the right, one would set up concentration camps and the others reeducation camps, to crush the human mind and its independence of thought.  They are the self appointed thought police ready to imprison you, literally for thought crimes, for the way you think, in what you believe that they do not like.  They are growing in force, the extremes of left and right, they oppose each other in principal but end up in the same place, genocide and dictatorship.  There is no practical difference between them, they look into a mirror and see both themselves and their enemies, they are one and in the same.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Who are the "real" feminists? Part 1: The shallow end of the punchbowl fuck Clementine Ford

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Chill in the Air.

There is a growing chill in the air of the internet, a fearful cold covering cyberspace, there is a movement to silence you and me as we speak and write and comment on the internet on various topics and subjects.  This cold censorship has also fallen on university and college campuses to shut people up the social justice warriors of the world do not like or agree with their opinions.  This fascism takes its form in ways such as the fascists, self appointed guardians to stop hate speech in the form of a website called, this movement towards online and university censorship is brought to you by the likes of feminists like Clementine Ford, bell hooks, Rebecca Watson and Laci Greene.  They seek to shut you up, to stop your so called hate speech, a term they alone they believe to define, so they move in their leftist version of fascism and nazism, they are trying to burn the books of ideas on the internet, they are trying to destroy ideas and words in the flames of their fanaticism, I find this move to police the thoughts and words of others to be a disgusting insult to my own father who fought imperialism, and fascism in World War 2.  I ask all people who love freedom and the free market place of ideas, as described by the youtuber thunderfoot, Dr. Phil Mason, to join together and stand up for freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas online, the hour is late and the dark is falling and the cold is deepening, we must resist this fearful cold before the hour is to late and we have lost our freedom and independence of thought and speech and opinions. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Strike from the West.

The West is uncertain and afraid, the Islamists see fear in the eyes of western civilization, the desperation and frustration of people in the west to the encroachment into their lands by Muslim extremists and radicalized immigrants from places like Syria, and the inability of their democratic governments to see the threat coming, because they were brainwashed into believing that tolerance of unrestricted immigration was better than being called racist or Islamaphobe, a made up word, then that frustration will manifest in very ugly but needed ways.  As terrorism and Muslim guerrillas begin to fight pitched battles in European cities from house to house, the citizens of the west will demand action. If that action is from the military of the west in the form of uniformed troops and cruise missiles and battleships and aircraft carriers the west will lose.   The United States of America must protect Europe, but how?  If our mighty hammer of the west can not kill the hordes of fleas and mosquitoes, what is the west to do as western civilization and liberal democracy slides into chaos? The west must not falter, we must be willing to defend ourselves with whatever strength we have left, we must be willing to see the Muslim world engulfed in the flames of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we must let them rot in the radiation of western power, we must kill the fleas and mosquitoes by killing the dog or cat. We must win, we must destroy them in nuclear holocaust.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Time

It is time, the Sun is rising over this dark depression, there is a special warmth in the air, the breeze is blowing gently against my face and against my depression which is melting like ice in the spring. Sometimes I feel like there is no hope or escape from the nightmare that my life sometimes is, and then a day like today comes, and it is time to rethink my true position in life, it is not just a position of hopelessness or despair, sometimes it is but not always.  When I am lost in psychotic depression and paranoia my memory is colored with the idea I was never happy in my life, I only remember the violence and hatred heaped on me as a child, forgetting that during that same childhood, I climbed trees with my friends, we use to steal raspberries from the garden of the lady down at the end of the street, we would run and hide and laugh as if we were in a great adventure, and we were.  The time of my youth included riding my bike in the woods behind the local Catholic all boys high school, I even remember the name of those woods, Aquinas, named after the saint and philosopher.   We use to ride a mini bike my brother had built with a motor off of a lawn mower to turn its wheels.  I distinctly remember the smell of gasoline, not an unpleasant memory.  Yes, there was violence in my life as a child, but to say that is all there was would not be true, I  remember going to see the movies, horror movies, with my sister in law Kathy, these times were given to me by her to take my mind off my troubles in escapism, she was kind that way, she understood that not all was well with me and she acted out of compassion for me, for that I will always be grateful.  The times me and my friends, I actually had some back then, went swimming in the neighbors pool were times when all horrible things of dark violence were blocked out for just a little while, a vacation from the heat of the summer Sun and past memories of horror, and the horror of the present that is now passed.  I remember my times in college, in Fulton County and then in Long Island, I had friends then too, I was not alone and saw everyday the beauty of the country side in Johnstown and the campus woods on Long Island, near Old Westbury, I remember the smell of clean air and the lack of fake light allowing me to see the Milky Way, that is a magnificent sight for anyone lucky to see it.  So I am getting older now, my body has more kinks and pain in it than 40 years ago, to be sure, but my health is fairly good and I sometimes can see hope in the present and joy of the passed Time.