Saturday, December 3, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Right Wing

The left has been betrayed, it has been taken over by  left wing fascists.
The left was once a champion of the poor and minorities, the disabled, gays and the marginalized.
They were once classic liberals fighting for the universal concepts of voting, democracy, free speech, freedom of the press and freedom to peaceably assemble in protests, universal suffrage, no discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, color or creed.
Classic liberals wanted a no discrimination state of equality for individuals getting the same and equal opportunity to try to succeed based on their skills, merits, and  hard work.
The left once wanted individual freedoms for individual people and not just groups of people.
Now the far left, the progressive left, has become a danger to freedom and our Constitutional Republic.
They are in the streets today and in  the past three weeks were violently protesting a fair and legal election of a one Donald Trump.
They are marching in the streets calling for the assassination of police officers, and five officers were executed in Texas, in an atmosphere of calling for violence by the left.
There were black teenagers dragging white people out of their cars caught on cell phone video and brutally attacking with punches, kicks, and other extreme violence just for the fact they were white and possibly voted for Donald Trump.
The far left has taken over many universities and colleges, screaming at public speakers they did not want to speak because they did not agree with their opinions.
The far left has used bomb threats and tripping fire alarms to try to break up or stop a speaking event that they, the left, disagreed with.
Left wing Marxist university professors have seized control of campuses and the young minds there.
The left has many extremist elements of third wave feminism, social justice warriors, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, identity politics, intersectionality , collectivists, and left wing fascist thugs burning cars, cities and property that does not belong to them,
These street thugs are the storm troopers of the left, just without all of the Nazi Storm troopers uniforms, their tactics on the left however are  the same as the 1930's storm troopers, using violence, fist fights, beatings, rioting and clashing with the political opposition.
The left has been betrayed and now the far left are beginning to understand they are beginning to lose ground and power both socially and politically, so they resort to violence, threats, intimidation, public shaming to stop their opponents out of desperation over the fact they are losing.
And so it goes, the left ignores issues like Islamic terrorism, Muslim countries killing gays in public hangings, the oppression of women and violence against them in Muslim countries.
The left pretends it is fighting for groups of the oppressed, blacks, gays, women, Latinos, transgender people, bisexuals, lesbians, Native Americans but the left ignores the violence and murder of women throughout the Muslim world, feminism does not seem to care about women in backward Muslim hell holes like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and all the rest.
Well this betrayal of the left and with the far extreme left ignoring important issues like terrorism, people are turning to the right, to discuss and try to solve problems the left has abandoned.
The left ignores the mutilation of the genitals of young girls in Muslim countries, yet pretending to be fighting for the rights and safety of women and girls.
The right is growing, they are tired of being called racist and fascists, they are tired of fascist violence from the left.
The right is gaining ground throughout the West, and the leftists made it happen.

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