Saturday, December 10, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Race

What is a race, I mean who decides?
I am told I am white, others are told they are black.  Different races right?
If I see a Chinese person on the streets of New York City in China Town is he Asian or Chinese?
Most Americans would not know the difference between a Chinese person and a Japanese person, to us they are kindred spirits, they are of the same race, Asian, right?
I think the Japanese and Chinese would disagree they are both of the same  race, they do hate each other.
Even before and during World War 2 the Imperial Japanese military invaded much of Asia.
When they conquered large parts of China and Manchuria, the Japanese killed ethnic Chinese and Manchurians by the hundreds of thousands if not millions.
The logic in the Imperial Japanese military mind was that the Chinese were a distinct and inferior race separate from the Japanese race.
The Japanese, so they were told by their Emperor and generals, were a superior race over any other in Asia, those not Japanese deserved either slavery or extinction.
The Chinese for their part were not much better in race relations with its neighbors or defining what the word race even means.
After the Reds took China, Red China took Tibet, partly on the idea that Tibet rightfully belonged to China but also on the premise that Tibetans were inferior to the Chinese race, what ever that means.
The Nazis for their part saw the so called Aryan Race, or the Nordics, as being a superior super race, not just whites in Europe in general, but just the Aryan Nordics.
As far as Hitler was concerned, other whites were inferior and could go fuck themselves.
To the Germans some Jews may look white or Aryan in every way and still neither be white nor Aryan.
Are Russians or Poles any less white than the French or English?
Hitler saw Eastern Europe as a set of nations of the inferior Slavic races.
Actually Eastern Europeans are just as white as anyone else in Europe.
So my question to any racist in any part of the world would be this, going back to the basics,  WHAT DOES THE WORD RACE EVEN MEAN AND WHO DECIDES WHAT GROUP OF PEOPLE MAKE UP SPECIFIC RACES?

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