Sunday, December 25, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Evil Never Stops.

It is endless, it goes on and on without respite or relief, the pain is continuous and never ending.
I can smell the evil in this world, the stench is pervasive, it seeps into all areas of my life ever so quietly.
I am afraid and I do not feel safe, I am afraid of many different things and people I see as evil or malevolent.
I am suspicious of every sound and noise, every creaking sound makes me nervous, every loud noise makes me jump
I walk down the street and I can see evil in everyone's eyes, It seems so real and vivid, the presence of this evil.
I try ever so hard to fight it, I struggle endlessly against it and I do not feel like I am winning the war against this evil.
This is not evil from Satan, no, this evil comes easily to and from human beings, the evil in this world comes from people that need no help to be evil, Satan is not real nor a good excuse.
When people commit acts of evil they are doing it of their own volition, they make a choice to do this.
I look at my three room mates in disgust, they smell of this dripping evil, they are soaked in it.
My family as well is from the dark places of evil, they were never anything but cruel and were liars.
My sister smelled this evil in my family and she was filled with despair, she blew of her face with a shotgun.
That will not be my response to evil nor will violence, I will not become evil because of evil, I can do better than that.
I am so very tired of this stench of evil, I can not breathe clearly.
It is Christmas today, a waste of time, there is no God, there are no Gods, Satan or demons, these are childish fantasies used by adults who are to weak to cope with life and its evil.
I use to think like a Roman Catholic, I use to think certain things like sex or music were evil and an offense against God and Jesus.
These things are not evil, they are normal parts of the world, they are a natural part of us as human beings.
The real evil keeps secrets and tells things to no one, its intentions are hidden, they are cloaked in darkness and deception.
I am growing weary of this force that surrounds me, I do not want this struggle anymore, I want it to stop.
And what of me? Am I evil as well? Am I no better than they?
I am human and I see humans as being evil, so I guess I am evil as well.
There is nothing good left in my heart, it has all been crowded out by this evil that will not stop causing me pain.

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