Monday, November 21, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Trump Card

They are screaming in the streets of the big cities, they are storm troopers of the fascist left.
A lawful and valid choice has been made, the nonviolent transfer of power is a mark of American Democracy.
The hallmark of the United States of America is that a lawful election be held and the outcome be accepted.
But there are animals in the streets of America, petty and violent youth who are pampered and spoiled.
They beat people who may have supported The Trump Card, like the storm troopers of Hitler who gathered in public to beat opponents of Nazism and fascism.
The far left in the west has lost its way, it has become a violent, fascist mob of feminists, social justice warriors and liberal regressives.
They yell and scream and accuse the Trump Card of being racist, misogynistic and a homophobe and islamaphobe.
The fascists are calling other people fascist while they beat opponents who dare speak freely and vote by their conscience.
These left wing fascists are burning our cities, our property, they are committing crimes in the name of a warped definition of social justice that must be defended with violence and by the oppression of the mob to destroy and injure opponents.
There are homes, cars and cities burning, our businesses are set ablaze by these fascist of the left who do not recognize in themselves the very thing they accuse of others being.
The Trump Card has been called Hitler and worse by his political, racist, and violent political opponents.
The young hoodlums and thugs of all races and backgrounds who are clashing with police are tools of paid and not so spontaneously created, organized violence.
Black Lives Matter, the third wave feminists, the communists, the lefties, the Cultural Marxists, they are paid for rioting in the streets, even though they themselves do not see they are pawns of elite billionares who for whatever reason fund and incite this violence on the streets of our cities and nation.
Soros comes to mind, he has funded the riots and its organized movements to the tune of three hundred million dollars.
He, and those like him, are paying for chaos and violence that is contrary to the very American ideal of the peaceful transfer of power without a coup, assassination, or riots and civil war.
For we are falling into civil war at the hands of fascists that do not see themselves as fascists.
This I fear is more organized and more sinister violence than that of the protests at American colleges in the nineteen sixties.
These new anti Trump Card rioters are dragging the USA into a civil war about to be fought on the Streets of the USA.
We who love The Republic and its democratic ways and norms will not stand for this violence.
We have opposed them in the ballot box and won without violence, their left wing movements are starting to die and they know it.
They lash out with violence to try to beat those who have won the day in voting.
The left has been caught in their acts of violence on videos that spread through the internet and You Tube.
They are filmed fighting with the police, and they are sometimes are arrested and prosecuted with the proof of modern internet videos.
I urge All Americans who support The Trump Card to not respond with violence, we have no need for that because we have already won.

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