Sunday, November 6, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Tide

There is a growing tide in America, a tide that is dark and suspicious.
For many years in the United States politicians have been bought and paid for by the big banks.
Money is the motivation for would be politicians who are running for office, not the good of the people.
People are sick and tired of the lies and the deceptions brought on by elected officials in the USA.
There is a tide rising in the United States determined to push back against the corruption in government.
The corruption is coming from many directions, there have been trade deals that have destroyed American jobs and the middle class.
There are left wing third wave feminists and Multicultural Marxists and social justice warriors who have  ignored the abuse, torture and murder of women and gays in the Muslim world.
The feminists scream about rape culture and hatred of women and the patriarchy that oppresses women in the West.
These feminists enable the importation of Islamic fascism from the Muslim world into the West while ignoring human rights abuses by Muslims in Muslim countries as well as Muslims who have emigrated to the West.
The far left regressives have become psychotic over non existent Islamaphobia in the West, the word Islamaphobia has no meaning or substance, it is a word that does not exist in any dictionary.
Similarly the far left has called people racist for fighting against Islamic immigration, terrorism, rape of Western women, and the Islamic fascism that is rising in the West with the open promises by Muslim fanatics that their goal is to turn western democracies into Islamic fascist states.
There is a rising tide against this insanity and cultural suicide in the West and The United States.
People are pushing back against the left and their unwitting plans to destroy western democracies by importing fascism, rape, murder, theft and homophobia.
The tide has already begun in western Europe in Greta Britain in the form of brexit.
In two days the people of the United States who are sick and tired of corruption by money and the importation of fascism are voting.
This tide has brought about Donald Trump and his courageous stand against Islamic terrorism and his opposition to import it into the United States.
People are tired, angry and weary.
Donald Trump has a good chance of winning the USA Presidential elections. I hope he wins.
I am not afraid of Donald Trump, I am afraid of Islamic fascism and the left wing fascism rising in the west that is based on the racism of identity politics.
I will vote for Trump, I am sick of the world view of fuck white people, they are the cause of all evil.
No evil comes in the form of Islamic fascism and the violence of the western far left that wants to silence its opponents by intimidation, shaming publicly people that disagree with them, and are trying to silence freedom of speech, I say fuck this shit, I am voting for Trump.

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