Friday, November 18, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Asshole

There he is, that fucking enemy of mine, an old and horrible human being.
He avoids responsibilities that he is obligated to fulfill and he is an old and useless mouth breather.
I yell and scream at him and he does not listen, and he does nothing to be an adult.
He is a lazy piece of shit, he is a blemish on the ass of humanity that thinks he is special.
He does not clean up his own piss and shit in the bathroom, he has others to do his bidding.
He enrages me to the point of almost becoming violent and sent into a rage, I am screaming as loud as I can and he does nothing.
He is an arrogant fuck who believes he has no commitments to other human beings and individuals.
He harms others by his inaction that reflects adult hood and decides instead to act like a fucking child.
He sits there and consumes from society and never returns anything to society, he produces nothing, he is a parasite, a useless eater.
I seek to make him do that which is right and considerate towards other people that he has fucked over.
He is an animal with a foul stench, he does not bathe, he reeks of filth and all that is contaminated by the obscene.
I write this while in a rage, I try my best to not kill him, and I will not kill him, I will only fantasize about it.
I wish I could strangle this useless animal to death, I am angry and disgusted by him, I want to vomit every time I see, hear or smell him,
I an filled with hatred and malice toward this insect, this tiny bug that shout be stepped on by someones boot.
I find it difficult to ignore him in his defiance of me when I ask him to act like an adult and not a petty child.
He accuses me of wrong doing and he tries to blame me for things I am not doing or did not do.
I am being drained both mentally and physically of energy and strength, I am exhausted by my rage over this piece of waste.
I do not know what to do, I am enraged by this asshole, I am alone.

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