Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, America

America is splintering apart with the help of traitors, with the help of terrorists in our midst.
These new terrorists are not of the Muslim kind, although they are real enough.
No, these are terrorists from the left, they seek to destroy freedom of speech and charge you with thought crimes.
They masquerade as civil rights groups and in fact promote racial hatred while accusing others of that hatred.
Black Lives Matter is a terrorist movement that pretends to want to save black lives from police brutality, when in fact BLM is a group that openly calls for assassination of police officers and are in fact responsible for recent murder of police officers that have been executed in public.
BLM is guilty of this by the atmosphere they have created steeped in identity politics and inflamed racial tension artificially created for chaos.
There are left wing extremists  who bully and threaten those who do not speak or think like themselves in their hidden, fascist, leftist terrorism including brain washing and indoctrination the minds of our youth.
The social justice warriors, feminists, and Cultural Marxists seek to control the way you and your children think.
They want you to think fucking over white people is okay and they teach white children they are worthless and evil.
The mantra from the left wing regressive racists is the same, over and over, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE.
Feminists are willing to use violence and terrorism to force people into believing the conspiracy of patriarchy.
Feminists like Clementine Ford from Australia have openly called for violence against men.
College campuses throughout the Western democracies are having freedom of speech crushed by threats, racism and violence and by bullying the faculty and students on campus that do not agree with their filthy left wing fascism.
I am afraid for The United States.  I am afraid for all of the West. The fascist ideology and fake religion of Islam is pouring into the west at the invitation of people like Merkel and Ford.
If we do not resist these terrorists, they will control the government, that has not happened yet, but we are headed down that road of fascism of the left.

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