Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow , The Woods

I remember my time in the Adirondac mountains in upstate New York, The sky was alive with the stars visible in the darkness that was like black ink.
We canoed in the day time over the crystal lakes, we ate mighty mush and pepperoni, these things lasted without any refrigerator.
The nights were dark on the ground but the lack of city light revealed the universe to us in the sky.
We slept without tents,we were really trying to rough it, this was camping without a motorized camper, no we did the real thing, not the fake camping where you have a kitchen in what you are camping in.
We were a group of mentally ill and nervous people, this trip was not easy, we did have a professional guide
but they did not have an experience of leading the mentally ill through the dark mountains and in the day time mountains as well.
At night the natural noises of animals and crickets was like a lullaby to soothe our tormented minds.
We had to make this trip into the woods to show ourselves there was more to life than just depression, anxiety, fear and psychosis.
We learned that there was a completely new reality that was not limited to hearing voices and seeing things that were not really there.
The mountains were a powerful antidote to hallucinations, depression, anxiety and psychosis.
We were free in the hills to look up at the Milky Way at night that was a soothing force of nature.
The physical exercise was a strong distraction from our symptoms, we were mentally ill but just for a while were free.
We climbed or rather hiked up the side of Mt. St. Regis.
When we got to the top of this hill, we could see in all directions the lovely scenery of the natural world all around us.
The top pf the mountain was clear of any trees that allowed this view of nature.
In the woods we were free.

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