Monday, October 10, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Starvation

There is the pain of hunger that permeates the under belly of society, it goes unchecked.
There is hunger in a world of abundance, there is a dirty little secret of poverty in our midst.
I see my room mate losing weight and going hungry as other people more fortunate like myself are fed.
There are a myriad number of reasons this hunger exists in a land of the filthy rich.
Some people have mental problems or other medical issues that keep them from work.
My own emotional problems run deep and strong yet I have more than many other people.
My father was a navy man that worked for more than 40 years after World War 2.
He built up a bit of personal wealth and Social Security Income for his retirement, and then he died.
He left behind 9 adult children living and one dead by suicide, his work was hard and he never failed us.
When I started having severe psychiatric problems I was 18 years old and have been in and out of many mental hospitals over the years.
There were benefits I received from my father's work history after he died from Social Security.
I have often faced hunger myself over the past thirty years, I have seen the bottom of the barrel of life.
Yet I am more fortunate than most, I have enough money to eat and live in relative comfort.
I see people struggling to have enough to eat or clothes to wear in the winter, hunger bites harder in the cold.
It is early October, the air is getting chillier, the days shorter and darker.
I eat at some of the local churches more for company than any actual need for food.
I do though see the desperate hunger in people at these churches, I have seen 200 pound men and women drop in weight to as low as a hundred pounds.
It is sickening to see such suffering in this country where the supermarkets are packed with food, and only some benefit from that stored up wealth in food.
It is cold today, and it feels colder when you are hungry and your stomach burns and your flesh is reduced by hunger.
I have lived on the edge and fringes of society myself and I have been cold, hungry and on the streets.
There is the ironic tragedy of hunger, most hungry people are not homeless, they have a place to live and not enough food.
This is disgusting to me and it is the reason I am an atheist, any god who might exist that allows this suffering is unworthy of praise or worship, instead such a god deserves rejection by those he supposedly created, fuck him, he has, if he exists, fucked us.

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