Sunday, October 2, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Foundations

The foundations of my mind and soul are cracking under great stress, I am alone.
I do not like people, they frighten me and they wear on my patience and the foundation of my life.
The foundations many people have to support and anchor their lives in reality, I do not have.
I have no children, I have no job, I have no wife or even a girlfriend, my foundations are few and weak.
I seek stability as best as I can in the sparseness of my supports which are very few.
There are friends that I do have, they are one reliable foundation, sometimes they are the only ones to keep me supported.
I am an atheist so neither God or his fake followers are of any use to me, they are worse than stupid, they are deluded by an imaginary friend in the sky.
I have no patience for fairy tales, even the Bronze Age ones of the Koran, Bible and Torah or Talmud, they are worse than useless.
My brothers and sisters are of no help, my sister committed suicide and the rest just spout platitudes .
The foundations of my life that are real and steady are my psychiatrist and psychotherapist, they are at least consistent.
My medications are a foundation, they have been for 32 years, I would die like my sister without them.
People question me about the wisdom of living through chemicals and brain biochemistry, to them I say fuck you, I am not obligated to suffer because you disapprove of my meds.
I use meds like any modern convenience, like a car and airplane, brought to you by science.
My meds come from science, if you will not give up your car or plane, why the fuck should I surrender my meds to your disapproval?
The foundations of my sanity are often twisted under incredible forces, I do the best I can to stay afloat and sane.
The foundations of my life are not marble mountains, but card board pillars, that with moisture or water will collapse.

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