Thursday, October 27, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Fire

The fire is burning in the political landscape of the USA, accusations are flying.
Trump has been called a racist and mocker of the disabled, Hillary has been called a crook, thief and liar.
There are republicans that are siding with and voting for Clinton, never Trump they call out.
These republicans believe it is better to throw the party under the bus because of he who was a joke has arisen and no one is laughing anymore.
I feel a need to do what is right, I am not an alarmist, I must vote my conscience.
I see the West falling fast into an abysmal collapse at the hands of Muslim migrants in Europe.
The West in Europe is having epileptic fits accompanied by rape, child molestation and sexual assault.
There is violence and ongoing terrorism taking place through out Europe, some migrants have been bold enough to tell the truth about his own intentions, to colonize Europe and make it an Islamic continent.
This nightmare has been created by the likes of German Chancellor Merkel, who has abandoned all reason and has taken flight into a psychotic fantasy world of multiculturalism.
The European Union is seeking its own genocide through mass immigration from Muslim countries.
I see why Great Britain has voted to leave the EU, it is a madhouse of violence and rape made legal.
Perhaps there is hope for Great Britain to not be over run by Muslims who seek to kill, rape and dominate the West.
The fire in Europe that is burning and destroying free speech, civility and reason can come to the USA, we are not immune to the convulsions ripping apart the West.
I must vote for the fire that is burning in the USA and is on my side and yours if you love freedom and hate fascism in the form of Islam.
I am voting Trump, he is basically honest about his past and rightly says Hillary Clinton should be in jail.
Clinton will flood the USA with terrorists, rapists, and suicidal bombers who hate the West through her proposed immigration policies, she is a traitor and a criminal.
The West and its glorious civilization are at risk, we need leaders like Donald Trump.
We need people who see the truth even if they do not speak eloquently, they still speak the truth.
I would rather hear a lot of honest bluster than dishonest eloquence.

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