Thursday, October 6, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow Buddha

The Buddha is not a god, he did not claim to be a god or son of a god.
The Buddha is a guide through life, but you are your own master, you bare the responsibility for your own life.
He, the Buddha, is to guide you through life to help you reduce suffering, however you must first admit  you are the cause of your own suffering, as well as the suffering of others.
You are not responsible for the pain of the entire world, but you must see you add suffering to this reality.
The Buddha went to extremes to find peace, torturing himself and starving himself, almost to he point of death.
The more pain he felt however, he grew further and further from inner peace and enlightenment.
Extreme pain, he found does, does not give any insights into reality or its true nature, nor did it bring understanding or compassion for others or for oneself,
That is the thing though, enlightenment and an insight into the true nature of things comes from compassion, for self as well as others. It was no longer needed for the Buddha to wander the country side tormenting himself to find knowledge and peace.
Mara, the symbolic god of evil, lust and temptation tried to tempt the Buddha into lust and confusion, yet the Buddha was victorious over these temptations.
It must be said here that Mara, the tempter, was not a real god, but a symbol of the Buddhas own battle within himself as he sought enlightenment and peace and victory over his own mind and body.
The Buddha was rejected by other holy men and shamans because he gave up on self torture as the road to peace for self and others.
The road to enlightenment and peace for self and others begin with you, you are the master of your own  self.
There is Karma in the universe that does not have a mind or god that controls it, it is simply an inherent part of nature and the Universe like light or gravity, it is neither good nor evil.
However, Karma does deal out justice of a sorts, you cause suffering of others and Karma bring that suffering back to you.
If you have compassion, and compassion is the basis for all Buddhists, if you relive their suffering, then that too comes back to you.
So the Buddha found the middle way, neither torturing himself nor drowning himself in hedonism, the key to enlightenment, the key to understanding reality, is compassion,

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