Thursday, September 1, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Sick Bed

I sit in my own vomit unable to stop retching. the stomach is in convulsions and I am sick.
I am sick and tired of unseen enemies who are out  to hurt me.
When I am beaten up  and become a victim of violence or theft of that which is mine, I respond in pain and helplessness.
I get physically ill, and I vomit from anxiety and anger and fear and panic in a vicious circle of fear and vomit.
I am both scared and enraged about a great number of things, and I do not know how to solve my problems anymore.
Things are done against me and I vomit, sometime I feel better only after vomiting to release the nausea in my gut.
I have had my bike, my property, my brand new bike stolen from me.
I feel violated as mush as someone who gets stabbed or punched into their bodies.
This is not the first time that crime has touched me or violence the same way.
When these things happen, these crimes, I feel helpless and powerless and I would like to avenge my self
against those who have  taken from me that  which mine with bloody violence.
I have been stalked and have been followed, they who watch me and wait for the opportune moment to steal
from me my property I had earned.
I do not  understand these things that happen to me, these crimes of violence and larceny.
I use to run home every day as a child like a frighted animal running in fear from the violent gangs of my youth that tried  to make make me commit suicide or have a mental breakdown and that is what has happened to me.
I rotted a long time in the institutions of the mentally ill, those who were sicker than I am today or was then.
I am tired of the vomit and bile that erupts  out my of my mouth and eats away my teeth and causes tormenting of me and  my families and friends, this is the nature of their gang stalking, an organised campaign to harass and  try to kill me.They yell and scream in my head how I should seek revenge and violence against the thieves who harmed me.
I am still shaking in trauma and violence, I am a helpless victim, the police can not do anything,
They have done nothing but pit  me against my family. I still am vomiting.
My anxiety, worry, fear and loneliness are a constant now in my life, I am helpless and  no one cares.
My fake friends and family  have turned against me from rumors created by my enemies.
I am not even sure who the enemy is, I am terrorized by the unknown crimes from unseen adversaries. .
My mind is bleak, quiet and has surrendered to my to insanity and beyond, mission accomplished assholes;

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