Monday, September 5, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, My Sweet Clementine Ford, Feminist of Australia

Oh Clementine, you have been a nasty woman, you have no scruples to guide your behavior.
There is nothing in your world but your own voices and opinions you have no basis for.
You thrive on the hatred you have for men, your pride grows like weeds as you hate all opponents.
You edit out dissenting opinions out of your facebook, out of your twitter, you block and erase them all.
I want you to know Clementine, you are not a feminist, you are a left wing fascist out to destroy free speech.
People like you have successfully censored and destroyed freedom of speech on western college campuses.
Oh Clementine, you disgust me, you and your ilk, you live in a bubble of your own madness and psychosis.
Oh Clementine, your own voice echos in the empty space between  your ears, there is nothing logical there.
You thrive on hatred and at the same time you accuse your opponents of being hateful and racist.
Oh Clementine you are a disgusting malformation of feminism, feminism you have turned into fascism.
Oh Clementine, you hate men with so much gusto and do not see how fucking psychotic you are.
You are a vile spreader of left wing fascism and racism, things you accuse others of being.
Oh Clementine, do you not hear anyone but yourself, or are your ears sealed off to logic.
This clumsy oaf you are is becoming more apparent everyday, your psychosis of self is getting worse.
Oh Clementine, why do you do it? Why do you scream at and try to shut down your opponents?
You are a fucking disease Clementine Ford of Australia, you are rotting in your own feces and urine of your closed mind.
You try to shame and embarrass others who have the guts to not care what you have to say, Ford.
Oh Clementine, I see the rotting disease in your brain, your brain and mind are decaying.
So Clementine Ford of Australia, not the actress, but you the feminist, you are a hate filled liar and you know it to be true.
You are vile serpent who pretends to protect, blacks, the disabled, women, people of color, gays, and the LGBT community.
Your only aim is to use these people for your own power Ford, and your irrationality is becoming more obvious everyday.

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