Saturday, September 24, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Human.

We are only human goes the old excuse for failure and mundane mediocrity in our performance.
We seek out excuses for our savagery and our violence, we want to dodge responsibility for our evil.
A drunk driver kills five people in another car, or a group of pedestrians, and seeks solace in being only human.
When the Nazis killed millions the individual soldier or SS member would cry out the excuse they were just following orders, that they are just human.
Ironically the Nazis were not human, they were evil savages with no moral compass to control their evil.
The Revolutions of both the left and the right collected excuses to kill people, the Russian revolution was needed said the Reds to make society more fair, more just, more equal. And then the mass murders began
in areas controlled by the Soviets.
Hitler rose to power on the excuse that Germany was imploding and sinking into a financial abyss.
It was.
However, Hitler went way beyond fixing the German economy or rebuilding an army.
He dove head first into mass murder and the top Nazis were either arrested or committed  suicide at the end of the war.
Those Nazis that did face trial excused themselves on the idea they were only human.
Pol Pot, he murdered millions and raped Cambodia on the excuse that revolution was needed to make society more fair, and after Pol Pot was pushed from power by Vietnam his followers said they were just only human and following orders.
Parents beat and kill their own children, or someone else's children, and then blame their evil violence on stress and that they are only human, they could not help themselves.
People riot in the streets in the name of justice, then they burn down their own and cities.
If we allow these excuses to exonerate criminals, rapists, child abusers, mass murderers, and war criminals,
then society will spiral into violence and oblivion, the human race will evaporate from the surface of this Earth.

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