Monday, September 19, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Curse

The Curse of the mind broken is a wicked thing to be had, it can drive you insane.
It is a curse passed from mother to son, or father to daughter, it is a torment of the soul.
I struggle through this biological curse, I am filled with fear and dread.
It comes with the territory of insanity to shake and tremble in fear and pain.
There is no known cure for this curse, there is no respite from it either, just pain.
This curse makes me see enemies everywhere in people I know as well as perfect strangers.
I take a risk when I go up to perfect strangers accusing them of following me and spying on me.
The curse of the mind that has been handed to me in biology of my mother is a fucking evil torment.
My sister had the curse and she blew her head off with a shot gun, she could not bare the curse.
As for myself I muddle through the curse with no suicidal or violent intent, I will not give in to such ideas.
I chain smoke because of this curse, to the point of nausea and vomiting, I have coughed up blood.The curse of paranoia and delusion drive me insane, everyone is an enemy, I trust no one.
I seek only peace from the torment and fear and horror and anxiety.
I am falling fast into a black pit of evil suffering, not hell as in God or Satan, they are not real and of no help.
So I write these words to soothe myself, to regulate, to control my thoughts and emotions.
I must also discipline my behavior and body, I must learn to be centered and in control, I must be enlightened.

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