Thursday, September 29, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow The Church

The Church, that is all Christians, say they act in the name of God and Christ,
They give food and shelter and clothes to the homeless and poor.
They say they do this in the name of God and Jesus, they care because they believe in God they say.
They believe they act in the name of God, implying that without a belief in God they would not act for the poor.
The Church also says they visit people in the prisons and jails to show God's love.
This implies that they would abandon the incarcerated if they stopped believing in God.
The Church says they are bound to moral behavior  by the mere existence of God, He Has them in chains.
This implies, as someone once said, that without God Or Jesus or religion, they would become violent criminals who are psychopaths without their God, they imply that God is the root of their moral behavior.
Those who say that morality and ethics only come from God, they must ask the question, which God?
The morality of Allah is not the same morality as Jesus or his supposed Father in heaven.
The morality of Hindus is not the same as Muslims or Christians.
The Buddhists have their own definition of virtue and non virtuous behavior, their version of good and evil.
All of these groups of faith claim all moral behavior comes from God and is universal for all human beings.
They conveniently forget there many Gods are in conflict over the definition of what are good or evil actions.
So there is war, war over who has the right moral behavior and  actions, they wish to force the issue of good and evil by force and war.
So who is the true God? The gods that create poverty and war? Is it Allah who puts people to death by stoning those who offend Allah?
Do the Hindus have the same ethics, morality and behavior as Jainism?
If anyone of these Gods exist, they are violent and jealous Gods who are not worthy of worship and praise, As someone once said, such Gods are worthy of hate, and mocking, and derision from humanity.
Morality does not come from gods, it comes from the  inborn nature of humans, it is a part of evolution that has given humanity morals and ethics.
So fuck your Jesus, Allah,Vishnu, God, yahwey, Jehova, and any other name for your imaginary friend in the sky.

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