Thursday, September 22, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Abundance

We live in a world of abundance here in the West, We have the internet at our finger tips.
We have food, shelter, and healthcare, we have cable and and dish television, even our poor.
We zip around at high speeds cranked on coffee  going about our banal errands and work.
We can walk into a giant box store and see food all in abundance, we can buy anything there.
Our homes are climate controlled with air conditioning and heat from electricity and gas.
We have our constant companions with us at all times, the smart phones, we are mesmerized by them.
We shut real people out to talk on the phone, we seem to prefer talking to our fellow human being by smart phones rather than in person.
We have become a world in the West of greed and arrogance, we forget what we have.
We complain to others how horrible our lives are, we take on the poor me victim status.
We talk frantically on our cell phones while driving and put others at risk for banal phone conversation.
We throw people the middle finger and yell at them when they cut us off in traffic.
We go full throttle and speed through traffic to get home as soon as possible to microwave our food.
We forget how lucky we are to even have these things, cell phones, cars, food, homes, microwave ovens.
We complain and complain while ignoring the obvious gifts we have from living in the free West.
If I were an African, or other poor person, and I went to walk through a box store in the West, and I was only use to hunger and starvation in my homeland, I would cry with joy at the amount of food there.
Yet we ourselves walk through these same stores over and over again and do not weep with joy.
Our abundance is taken for granted and we do not realize how we are fortunate to swim in abundance.
We have Western governments  that give food and money to the poor, and even the poor are ungrateful.
When we in the West are blind to our blessings and perks, when we look into a supermarket and feel no awe at the abundance there, we have become ungrateful brats.

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