Friday, August 12, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Zyprexa zombie

I wander through life in a fog, a fog created by the likes of anti psychotics like Zyprexa,
there are other agents courtesy of the feel good doctor to block the pain of being alive.
My thoughts are muddled and racing non stop from one idea to the next, I do not know to clear it up.
Many years ago I walked the walk of the Thorazine shuffle, tripping over my own feet, unable to move forward.
There were other psych drugs that were a pain in the ass, Mellaril eliminated my sex drive and erections,
Halcion was a powerful sleeping pill that I do not even remember taking, I woke in my bed not knowing how I got there.
Apparently I was carried to bed after passing out on the coach in the day room,
I was offered Valium by the doctor and I refused it because I knew the score on addiction,
pills from a doctor can drown you in addiction without even realizing it was happening, pills of the drug store can cripple you like heroin or cocaine and other illegal chemicals, they are all equally dangerous and have the potential to kill the user or those nearby,
I am still a slave to nicotine, it calms me in the confusion and rapid pace of life and living, it is my crutch.
All peoples have a crutch, including you, you can not run from it, your crutch might be gambling, drugs, sex, booze or the need to have the love of another.
All crutches lead to atrophy of the mind and rob you of ambition, I get very use to my crutches and I am sick of it.

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