Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Planet of the Apes.

Black Lives Matter, the terrorists and their street thug foot soldiers are marching to kill you and me,
we are guilty of the crime of being white, the thugs of Milwaukee are burning and destroying everything in sight.
I am afraid to walk in my own neighborhood past seven o'clock, they will follow me, and beat me and stab me.
I am guilty of the crime of being white, I am blamed for the incompetence of the black community and its own members.
They fuck up their own lives, families, communities and then blame us, the western European, the white person.
They follow and stalk me because I am white and they can not fix their own fucking problems, they blame us.
I am sick of the fucking atmosphere of the Planet of the Apes these people have brought into the United States, they are like the movie with Charelton Heston, the former slaves become master and overlords that have no humanity, just brutality.
The people run around rioting and killing and destroying authority like the apes that learned to talk and burned down the civilization of humans.
You can call me a fucking racist all you want to, I do not care about those labels anymore, when you stop acting like chimpanzees and gorillas, I will stop being racist, what the fuck gives you the right to attack me?
You throw around violence and act like animals and you should be treated as such until you stop burning and destroying things and stealing shit that does not belong to you, stop doing that shit, then I will stop being racist.
White people are getting sick of this fucking shit, riots and violence over justified shootings by police of black criminals.
Three of these apes stalked and followed me home last night, these young apes were getting ready to punch, stab, shoot, rob and kill me.
Stop doing that shit, then I will stop being racist.

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