Sunday, August 7, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Lost In The Wilderness

Many people are lost, they are lost in a chemical fog to ease the pain of life.
We all know of the addicts around us at every turn of our existence.
We see and here the booze addicts, the cocaine, the heroine, the speed and tobacco addicts.
They seek to dull the sensations of being alive because those sensations are filled with pain.
The alcoholic rots his liver and gut, you can tell a speed freak by the rotting of their teeth.
The cocaine addict rots his nasal passages, the heroine addict is breaking down his veins,
from the constant use of the needle, they must look for and use whatever veins not yet collapsed.
The angel dust user is often drowning in violent psychosis and hallucinations, they are using a chemical
that is only legal in any sense for veterinary medicine, a drug for horses and pigs.
The crack addict forsakes all friends and relative in order to smoke the glass pipe.
However, there are other people who are lost, they are less obvious to us.
They are lost in the addiction of legal drugs in pill from, the Valium, the Klonipin, the Ativan.
These chemicals are legal and addiction is hard to spot or notice it, especially when doctors enable it.
Often the person lost in the crater of pills is lost because they believe they are taking their drugs of choice to treat a mental disorder like depression or anxiety, yet they are just numbing the fear and terror of being alive in a world of violence, rape,war,and murder.
They takes these pills to combat the boredom and banality of their own lives.
America and the worlds citizens are being moved into a state of mental and emotional coma, they are
chemically created zombies who have lost all direction to high ideals and personal goals.
Sometimes doctors are the pushers, but they to can get lost, they become the addict lost to pills and injections, a self administered oblivion do to stress of watching the sick die or experience untold suffering.
It is to easy to become lost, to easy to cover that up and hide it.

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