Monday, August 29, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Empire

The Empire is shaking, its foundation cracked and splitting.
We are stretched very far and wide, our resources stretched, on the verge of snapping.
It was glorious to become an Empire, it proved we were masters of the world.
We proved our power and strength at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we set the world on fire.
We have defeated many enemies of the Empire, but now we are losing to an ideology of Allah.
There are no normal battle fronts, there are no clear boundaries  to lose or defend.
This new war is a war of murderers killing people with fire and knives to behead people on video.
These fanatics are willing to die rather than surrender, how do you kill and scare those who want to be killed.
The caliphate is their goal and they might just get it through massive immigration to the west from the east.
Violence is only one of their tactics to over run the Empire and its allies.
Sweden is breaking down into brown chaos, Greece has financially collapsed, and England has been over run.
The Empire has used its weapons of war in this fight to kill from the air, to pursue the enemy with flying robots of death,
These machines carry death with them but no man or woman, they fly on their own, if shut down by the enemy, there will be no prisoners of war.
The Empire has bombed and obliterated many of the enemy, we have invaded their counties then we left.
Chaos broke out in the east, the Empire left behind religious fanatics armed by the Empire's weapons.
We have left the rugged terrain of Afghanistan and it has fallen into an abyss of insanity, there are no rules there.
Iraq is a bona fide world of confusion of Muslims killing Muslims because the dictator was removed by the Empire.
There is no democracy coming to these places, the savages of the east only want theocracy.
You can not give candy to those who only eat meat, you can not give liberty to those who seek death.
Liberty is irrelevant to those who seek to kill and subdue the Empire.
We are confused, we do not know what to do.
This war began on September 11, 2001, there are no lines of battle to be drawn in this conflict.
The Empire has tanks, airplanes with no pilots, soldiers in an army  meant to destroy armies with uniforms.
The Empire has nuclear weapons and no way to use them, there is no one country to nuke.
The Empire will not survive, at least not as we knew it.
It will be running out of money, and there are no nations left to give the Empire loans.
This will drag on and on with no end in sight because we must fight and not fight at the same time.

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