Thursday, August 18, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Broken Bones.

The confusion is sweeping our country down a road of destruction,
we are speeding to civil war and broken bones, we are fighting each other to the point of insanity.
The gays fight the straights, the blacks fight the whites, the black gays fight the black straights.
Do you not see the insanity of all of this? We are breaking down and burning our streets up.
There is so much violence and fracturing of society going on we may not survive, as a country or a world.
The meanness of humanity has always been there, for the past ten thousand years, but now it is stronger and more vile then ever.
The cities are burning and the police are dying or being accused of racist acts of murder, all of this egged on by the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization
The left is to blame for much of what is happening, they are apologists for race baiting violence and ignoring Islamic murder and violence in the land.
Fifty people get murdered at the hands of one Islamist and yet Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims are victims of racism.
There are viral videos online of black stalking murderous mobs hunting down and killing whites over imaginary police racist murders.
Most police shootings are justified and that fact is ignored, and the black masses react with violence when there is a police shooting, not even knowing the cop involved was black and the killing justified.
The bones of our society that hold everything together are starting to fracture and break, we are dying as a nation, based on lies.
There was once a great Civil War that nearly destroyed us, and we are again marching into a new inferno.
This does not have to happen, violence does not have to happen or be a solution for anything, nor could ever be a solution to anything, we are dying and convulsing to death.
I do not see a bright future, I see only a dying society being over run by animals and extremists, there is no hope when there are nothing but lies.

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