Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A poem by Garry G Pelow, Rwanda, And We Did Nothing.

The heart of Africa, and the rivers were clogged with dead bodies like hair in a drain,
They hacked each other to death by machete. These were not soldiers in a war, these
were mass killers of their fellow human beings, sometimes the killers were children. Children in the role of victim or murderer.
Hundreds of thousands were dying, and we knew it, and we did nothing. We went to war in Iraq for 
blood oil, to protect our sources of fuel, for these things we were willing to kill for.
In Rwanda we did nothing to stop the killing, were unwilling to send American troops to end a genocide.
The rest of the world, especially the strong nations, are equally guilty by reason of inaction.
If there was no money to be made in protecting the weak in Dark Africa, we did not go in.
There was another time the world did nothing to stop a mad man. A psychopathic man who had 
a sick mind with notions of reducing his country to a primitive previous time of long ago, he was trying 
to have his country be thrown back 2000 years. His sick vision in Cambodia killed two million
people in the late seventies. And the world did nothing.  The one country who put a stop to Pol Pot,
these liberators of the Cambodian people, was an enemy of America. The Vietcong, in this our enemy 
became the hero. In Cambodia, no one else did anything to stop the torture and blood spilling of two million people, except for communist Vietnam, and even then there motives were not pure.
They too waited and did nothing for four years, and two million died, and we and Vietnam sat on the sidelines for four years doing nothing like the rest of the world.  
Even when the Vietnamese acted they did it to place a friendly face in Phnom Penh, an ally in the place of an enemy government.
In the Eurasian continent in the cold of Russia and at the hands of Stalin, millions died, about twenty million died and we, the world, did nothing.
American Natives and black slaves died in the millions, and most parts of the world did nothing to stop it.
In Red China, in the Great Leap forward and the Cultural Revolution, thirty million died at the hands of Mao.
And the world did nothing.
We pat ourselves on the back for stopping Hitler and the Japanese and their criminal acts, but most of the time, the world did not go to war to stop murder, we did it for our own interests. 
We are a bloody and miserable species, we humans.
Who are the worst criminals, the killers or those who refuse to stop them?
Is it more evil to kill or let others be killed?

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