Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Sentient

Does a  tree feel anything? When you cut it down with a chain saw or clip its branches off with metal pincers does the tree feel pain? Is it aware of its own existence? A mind is needed to perceive both pain and pleasure.  Does a blade of grass cry out in pain as the power mower moves over it? Does it feel pleasure as it draws in essential nutrition from the Sun or takes in water?  A mind is needed to feel both pleasure and pain. When I eat a carrot or potato am I destroying a sentient being in the process? Is all life to be considered sentient? What is sentience?  The truth is plants have no ability to feel pain or pleasure, a plant has no nervous system, and not even the simplest most primitive form of a brain, if there is no brain or nervous system then there is no pain or pleasure, there is no awareness of self or any ability to make decisions, a tree or any other kind of plant just does what a tree does automatically.  It take in food from the Sun, it draws in water, it sprouts leaves, it grows in height and size, plants are alive buy do not know they are alive, like a human being in a coma, the person is alive but completely unaware of his own existence because his brain is not conscious of its surroundings, in such a person there is no awareness of pain or pleasure, the nervous system is not working properly.   So what of all life that are not plant life forms? Are they aware of pain and pleasure?  If you pull the wings off from an insect does it feel incredible pain?  Yes they do, every insect is sentient, every animal, every person all have at least rudimentary brains and some kind of nervous system and are aware of their own existence, yes insects feel pain and they are self aware, it is immoral to kill and torture any sentient being. In this logic one must conclude that any killing or injuring of a sentient being even for food is evil and immoral, we feed off the flesh of dead sentient beings and do not even think twice about doing it  If someone was to kidnap your pet cat or dog, then you would be upset if the kidnapper killed your pet and ate its flesh  Why the concern for dogs and cats and not for cows, horses or pigs? Something to think about.

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