Monday, July 4, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in the USA, there will be fireworks and hot dogs and chips, there will be salads of all kinds, green, macaroni, potato, among others.  This is the day the original 13 colonies officially broke free from the United Kingdom and King George, then we fought a war to secure the declaration of that freedom we declared and demanded, for us, the right to be our own country.  There is much freedom now in this country, this USA.  No one will arrest you for saying the wrong thing, or jail you for it.  The prisons here are reserved for the criminals, the thieves and the murderers, the rapists and such, but not for those who speak their mind or insult the government or its leaders.  I however have no freedom, their is no Independence Day for me, I am forever locked inside my own psychotic brain, tormented by voices and delusions and no one notices or cares.  They go about their business and activities of the day, and do so day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, totally oblivious to the torture my own brain locks me inside of, fucking Independence day,  what a joke.  I am not free, I have never been free, I have been locked away decade after decade in a prison of insanity and there is no time off for good behavior, this is a life sentence in which I will die, I will never be free, free to love, rejoice in children and grandchildren, in a career, in a new car or my own house.  These fucking people around me mill about as if my happiness does not matter or have any importance.   I fucking hate their smiles, they are happy and I am not, I hate these fucking people, my family, my so called friends, my coworkers, they laugh and carouse and I never will.  I fucking hate them, they are so smug, so arrogant, I hate them, but I hate myself more, I despise myself even more than I despise them.  I have been on a sinking ship of insanity for years, and there are and never were any life boats.

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