Friday, July 29, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Hot.

The meds of schizophrenia raise the body temperature as the Sun beats down on the body.  This is not a new situation, it has been a danger to me for 25 years, the body over heats, water is drained and sweated out of my body system. The Sun burns the skin easier when there are anti psychotics involved, Thorazine, Haldol, Mellaril all over heat the body in severe sunlight and hot, humid air, on more than one occasion I have over heated to the point of dehydration and heat exhaustion, it is a constant fucking problem that comes with being schizophrenic and taking in these chemicals for treatment of psychotic symptoms, they do help, these drugs, but there are many prices demanded in return by these drugs in exchange for alleviating the symptoms of psychosis.  There is the constant threat of obesity and diabetes that left unchecked or undetected that could get your feet amputated. I have known many of my friends who took these drugs and did nothing in the way of physical activity or proper diet, so they sat there in an anti psychotic fog slowly getting fat do to the exhaustion of taking these drugs that slow you down, and also from the negative symptoms of schizophrenia that rob the mind and soul of motivation to do anything worth while and active.  So, they grew fatter, and fatter, they ballooned up past two hundred pounds, the two hundred and fifty then three hundred pounds and still have no motivation to prevent their own demise to obesity and diabetes.  I also gained a hundred extra pounds, but unlike my friends I was disgusted enough with myself and my health and my weight that I struggled to fight my way back to health and a proper body weight for someone my height of five foot nine.  I brought a tread mill with money my father had left me when he died, I was determined not to be become so fat and depressed their would be no going back to a healthy state.    I have seen my friends die early, from diabetes, from obesity, from suicide, among other things.  I have seen them die young at thirty years of age or forty.  I am now fifty years old has I write this and many of my friends are already dead form obesity and its problems.  I have survived beyond them because I could not just sit there eating potato chips in front of the television growing larger and larger until I died, I am here because I took responsibility for my ow heath and weight, I refused to blame the Seroquil, Zyprexa or Haldol.  I am still here, I am still standing, despite the danger of the Sun, heat and obesity, I am still here

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