Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Freedom In Fear

There is no freedom in fear, we are told that we have enemies lurking behind every corner and in every country, we are told to be afraid of everyone and we must fight to protect our freedom from peoples and nations all over the globe and we are pushed into fighting by an international boogeyman and we are driven by fear to fight him, otherwise we would not fight, we are egged on into a never ending , perpetual war.  We are told that our enemies are strong but ruthless and savage, we watch as the videos play on the internet, people being burned alive, beheaded, hung.  These savage images throw us into a panic, the enemy is coming to our shores and will do the same thing to us, so we approve the bombing raids on distant cities we do not see on the news, we are not allowed to see the destruction that has been done in our name.  If we saw the images, the dead children, the destroyed civilian populations burned to a crisp.  If we actually saw these images, we may not allow the violence done in our name, we are allowed to be afraid of our perceived enemies but not allowed to be afraid of ourselves because of the violence we cause and pay for.  Fear is only useful to our rulers when it provides them riches and power.  We supposedly are to be afraid of certain things and people.  We tremble in our shoes when we are told to do so, we pay our taxes and do not complain of the funds being spent on war.  Who is the real enemy?  I do not think we really know anymore who is friend or foe to our people and nation.  What happens if the enemy is our own rulers, our own government?  Can they be stopped? Should they be stopped?  The government has grown very large in the past one hundred years, everything we do is controlled and watched, we are under the watchful eye of our military style police. I feel helpless, I do not know who to trust or be afraid of anymore, I am saddened and confused, please just tell me the truth, who is the enemy, who are our friends.  I do not look to man kinds future with hope, our fear is destroying everything, it destroys cities, it destroys people, man kind is evil, violent and stupid, there is no hope.

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