Friday, July 8, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Dull

I have no patience for the dull and stupid people of the left or right, they both vex my soul with their two forms of fascism.  They pretend to be different from one another, one claims they are defending, the oppressed, the marginalized people of the world, women, women of color, gays, blacks, transgenders, Muslims, the disabled, and other neat little categories that divide people and cause conflict for no logical reason, these people of the regressive left are helping no one who is oppressed, the right fairs no better, they seek to divide by race under the banner of their racial superiority, or they say they are defending their culture from outside invaders and immigrants, these people divide people by race as well, the left and the right lead to the same path and end.  The motivations may be different, or said by either side to be different, but they stop at the same destination, a destination of crushing freedom of speech and dissenting views of those who do not agree with their ideology, opinions and world view.  The bullying and shaming and use of violence to crush enemies that do not tow the party line comes from the right and left, the shouting down speakers they disagree with on college campuses comes from the left and right.  What is so despicable about all of this is it is all done in the name of morality, from either the left or right.  The people who listen to them and join their cause are dull, uniformed and stupid, unable to use reason and critical thinking as individuals and instead they join groups whose members all think alike and to veer away from that as an individual is to be bullied, pushed away, publicly shamed and humiliated or even attacked with physical violence, just like the brown shirts of Nazi Germany or the black shirts of Mussolini or the secret police of Stalin, all opposition is crushed in the name of equality, freedom and cultural identity, but like Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin, the new left and right bring the same results and the results are  always the same, violence to end freedom of speech, destroying individual identity to destroy democracy and freedom of thought as well,  in the name of some vague, cloudy and murky and unspecified morality to protect the nation, the race, the oppressed and the weak, the different, the fearful, but there is no morality in any of this from the left or the right, just a future with concentration camps, genocide, violence, thought crimes and torture.

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