Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Decisions.

There are decisions to be made, peace is in the balance, it is also in the cross hairs of Islam, The United States is approaching another November, when we decide who our leaders will be.  Violence is burning down Syria, Violence is decapitating people in Iraq.  Islamic fascism is spreading beyond the borders of the Muslim world into the west.  Fifty LGBTQ people were killed in Orlando Florida, people are dying at the hands of Islam through out the West, France, England, Germany, just to name a few.  People are being murdered over cartoons and women are being sexually assaulted by Muslim men in the West who see non Muslim women as whores and sluts and less than human.  Democracy in the West is being destroyed by Islam and is being enabled by far left Muslim apologists who refuse to look at the naked truth about Islam, that it hates and kills and abuses, women, LGBTQ people, apostates, non Muslims, even fellow Muslims are being murdered by Muslims, the violence is insane when it feeds on its own like a dog chewing of its own tail. If they, these Muslims, are willing to kill their own, what kind of violence do they bring to non Muslims?  I think we have seen and continue to see the answer to that question in places Like France, Germany, and Great Britain and places like Orlando Florida.  Murder by Muslims and their Western fascist, left wing enablers, is spreading and becoming more common every single day.  The left of the West pretends with intentional blindness that Muslims are a poor, persecuted minority in the West and victims of racism and the non existent idea of Islamaphobia. Britain has taken a stand, it is planning to break from Europe as its own citizens become a minority in London, and the same in Paris.  We in the USA can also take a stand a stand against Islamic and left wing fascism, we can vote, we can vote for the apologists who bring more Muslim violence into our country, or we can vote for reason and logic.  We can vote for the filthy liars of the left like Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, or we can vote for the rational centrists like Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  Choose wisely America, otherwise your country will die at the hands of Islamic doctrine and filthy, evil violence.

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