Friday, July 1, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Clock

The clock is ticking for the West, Britain has appeared to break from the European Union, a move called Brexit, the people of the United Kingdom have spoken, but with a very slim margin, that they do not want the crumbling economy of the E.U., they are also afraid, afraid of massive economic regulations neither approved or voted for by the British people, the strangle of Britain with endless regulations is slowly destroying the United Kingdom, their fishing industry has been destroyed, and that is only one result of the lynching of the United Kingdom by the defacto United States of Europe. The British also voted in response to fear, fear of unchecked migration into western Europe and the West in large, endless unchecked migration into Europe brought on by the incompetent Chancellor of Germany, Merkle is her name, have opened the flood gates to Muslim migrants, many who are single, military age men from Syria and other places, they are coming unchecked, causing rape and sexual assaults and rapes against European girls and women, Britain itself has experienced years of Pakastani, organized raping and sexually assaulting of young girls in a highly organized fashion.  London just voted in its first Muslim mayor, if I were a betting man, I think Britain has gotten sick of all this and have voted to bolt from the Union and its undemocratic dictatorship.   And now the clock is ticking for the United States of America, the migrant crisis and the terrorism it will be bring, not might bring but will bring, is approaching us, Muslim immigrants unscreened will flood America, they will create no go ghettos of Islam with Sharia courts separate from the American  courts, where the the police do not go, they will be internalized miniature Islamic countries in the borders of The United States, which has already happened in France and Europe, and this will come to America, and the clock is ticking, their is no Brexit vote in America coming up, no state trying to leave our Union, but there is a vote coming, a vote for a new President, the two choices that have emerged are bitter and distasteful, one is a professional lying politician, and the other a blow hard business man with no governmental experience.  It is what it is, if the regressive left and progressive and new fascist liberals do not want to face the patriarchy, the real one, and murder of gays and women and apostates in the world of Islam and calling anyone racist who brings these truths up, then do not be surprised if the United States lurches to the right and votes in the blow hard who is the only candidate wise enough to bring up the Issue of Islamic culture and murder intrinsic to it. The clock is ticking, and I will vote for the blow hard Trump, I do not want America to have ghettos of  sharia and no go zones for American police officers, I do not want terrorism here, I will vote for the blow hard, the clock is ticking.

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