Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A poem Gary G Pelow, God

I look at the world and I see the psychosis everywhere, it comes in many forms. There is the psychosis of Buddhism, they that believe in the fable of a man who found wisdom in sitting still and repeating nonsensical words, a source of wisdom that is nothing more then distracting ones mind from real life problems to ignore them and does nothing to solve those problems.  There is the fable and lie surrounding an imaginary figure that never existed named Jesus, a zombie from the grave, a man who supposedly died for mankind's sins, he himself was apparently God and son of God at the same time, an idea that God sent himself to die for the sins he himself created, knowing full well he allowed us to sin then punished us for his creation.  There is the fable of Satan that creates evil and violence in the human race, a fantasy that allows man to not take responsibility for his own evil and violence, how convenient for the supposed adults of humanity to not take personal responsibility for their own actions and instead blame some boogey men from under the bed like children.  There is the fable of Mohhamed and his flying horse, and of Allah his God that allows men to abuse and kill women and homosexuals in the name of Allah, a convenient excuse to abuse and torture and kill and even burn and behead their fellow men and women.  These is the fable of millions of Hindu gods and their leader Vishnu, that has been an excuse for centuries for the existence of an oppressive caste system in India that excuses the subjugation of human being to less then the position of animals.  There is the fantasy of the Jewish Yahway, or Jehovah, a vicious and mean and sadistic God that tortures and kills people for being imperfect, an imperfection he created but punishes humans for that imperfection in humanity.  No, if this is the best fables you can come up with, I will not act like a two year old believing in Santa Clause just because you do, and if these gods do exist in any form, they are unworthy of praise or worship, instead they are worthy of scorn and contempt.

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