Thursday, June 2, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Rapid Fire.

The computer pounds out information at light speed, people are charged up and ready to shoot forward at breakneck velocity.  The cars are moving swiftly and even the bicycles are moving swiftly about.  Science has brought us a society that is moving at a rapid fire pace and shows no sign of slowing down, at least in the west.  People can move at high speeds with never leaving their chairs through the fiber optic cables and wifi signals of the internet.  I can go from Rochester to Tokyo in seconds and never take an airplane or boat to get there.  People can hold conversations in both small or large groups from all parts of the world at the same time and see each other during those conversations and they need not leave their homes, businesses or schools to do it.  We are moving faster than ever towards finding cures for diseases like AIDS, molecular biology and science and chemistry has advanced in the past fifty years faster then the past four hundred years.  We have sent robots and probes to land on Mars and to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.  We rush about in this revolution on information and digital data, these are the fuels of modern society that drives humanity forward to the future, whatever that may be.  People are rushing about in cars and on buses, trains and airplanes with their attention preoccupied by their smart phones and not talking to each other when they are sitting right next to each other, they talk only to those on the other end of technology.  It is strange, I have been alive fifty years now, when I was born the big, new technologies were colored television and transistor radios, but even they became rapidly outdated.  As I grew up in the nineteen eighties, we were still using the technology of vinyl records on phonographs, we played videos on the vcr. But all of these new things quickly became old and people got use to getting the new technology they wanted brought to them faster and faster, and cheaper and cheaper.  We have grown complacent and bored, our attention spans are now about three seconds in length and we do not really talk to each other anymore, oh we hold conversations still, in person and by technology but no one is listening to each other.  We are becoming dangerously disconnected from each other which may make us more callous and cruel to each other, it is easy to lose empathy for other people when they are separated by smart phones and computers, cruelty may become easier.

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