Monday, June 13, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, I am Sick.

I vomit up my guts, the medicine for my psychosis makes me sick to my stomach, I am being treated for Schizophrenia and the price is violent daily nausea, I am sick of feeling sick all the time, to vomit in my mornings has become as routine as shaving and brushing my teeth, the vomit that spews out of my mouth, when it is not the wretching of dryness, comes up and eats away at my teeth, causing them to be damaged beyond repair and they must be pulled out of my mouth.  I have been to the doctor and there seems to be no other reason for my vomiting other than my psychiatric drugs, yet I can not stop the meds, to do so is to return to psychosis and homelessness, so I continue to vomit in the name of my mental health a heavy price indeed to keep my sanity and mental health.

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