Saturday, June 4, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Eleventh Hour.

The Eleventh Hour is approaching and we haven't much time, freedom is at stake and we are plummeting at very high speed into fascism. This fascism is not as obvious as it was in Italy decades ago with  Mussolini, then Hitler in Germany.  They call themselves progressives and liberals and feminists, and they claim they seek social justice, freedom from oppression and equality for certain GROUPS of people they deem to helpless to stand up for their own rights, like children.  These groups they, the progressives, claim they are trying to help achieve equality include women, blacks, gays, transgenders, the disabled, bisexuals, the mentally ill and so on.  These progressives, feminists and regressives have been accused of being Marxists and communists and collectivists and I suppose there is truth to that in their ideology, these progressives see only GROUPS OF PEOPLE AND NOT INDIVIDUALS, so in this way they see not, and are unconcerned with, and even try to disregard, the rights of individuals in the names of group class struggle, Marxist theory applied to the so called quest for social justice.  However, in practice, these feminists and Cultural Marxists have more in common with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini  than they do with Karl Marx or Joseph Stalin, they have the same goals and practices, at least in theory to collectivism, but they are fascist in their practices, especially modern day, third wave feminists, they seek to crush freedom of speech on college campuses throughout the western democracies through violence, intimidation and fear.  They seek to censor books they do not like, they are only one step away from burning them in huge bonfires.  They seek to ban certain movies or television programs they do not like, and they physically assault people at public protests who dare to oppose them, like Hitler's SS, the brown shirts, they ignore and even support Islamic fascism and call anyone who stands against racist, however Islam is not a race, nor a religion, it is fascism disguised in a new dress and make up, but it is the same animal it has always been.  So we must stand against the hidden, slowly encroaching fascists of the left and their leaders and academics, bell hooks, Clementine Ford, Rebecca Watson and others, we must shout out loud we will not give into their violence and censorship or intimidation, if we do not stand against them, then the nest step for them would be concentration camps for their enemies.

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