Monday, June 27, 2016

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Anonymous

They are unseen, they at first sought to end the terror of a cult, the cult of the Church of Scientology, they sought to end the terror of this so called Church, this so called religion, against its own members.  This group of unseen heroes called themselves Anonymous, they were hackers and people who hid in the background of the internet seeking to destroy this cult and reduce  the number of people already in it, and to reduce the number that may have joined the cult in the future.  I was on board with these goals, the Church of Scientology was, and still is, using brainwashing techniques, threats, stalking, spying, lawsuits, break up of families, lies and deception, to terrorize their members into staying in the Cult of Scientology or to get people to join them based on the lie that they, and only they, had the secret to happiness and good mental health of both individuals and humanity at large, and this was a problem that Anonymous wanted to solve, by hacking into the cults computer servers, using denial of service attacks, and putting out video messages directed at both the Cult and the public at large with the truth about Scientology, that they are not a religion but a corporation stealing money from its members and even from the government by pretending to be a religion as not to pay taxes.  However, Anonymous has changed, it has become a loose nit, leaderless but worldwide protest group that wore masks to hide their identities, while claiming to fight for freedom against evil corporations and banks and government, they claimed they were fighting for democracy and freedom, but Anonymous, as a group is now the set of liars, they have been overrun by Cultural Marxists, socialists, feminists, social justice warriors and communist revolutionaries.  They seek to destroy both capitalist democracies and republics and equality of opportunity with fascism that seeks equality of outcome for people as a group regardless of their own merit, ability, and individual actions.  These left wing fascists are already using violence and threats to stop freedom of speech on western college and university campuses, they seek to destroy the freedom and lives of anyone who does not share their worldwide vision of regressive left fascism, the only equality they would deliver is a system where everyone is equally oppressed and intimidated.  They have tried to get their opponents fired from their jobs, they have tried to shame and bully their opponents online through destroying peoples reputations and to ridicule and shame their opponents into silence, but we must say no to them, we must not let them destroy freedom through fascist ways.  These fake and false evil revolutionaries must be stopped, they seek to destroy you, me and all of us, the heroes are now the villains and we must wake up to that fact.

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